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Free Download from Guide to The Lost Symbol

In addition to the article on the 'Lost Word' I mentioned last week, you can also read a full chapter from The Guide to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol right here on The Cryptex, as a free-to-download PDF in its original typeset format. Titled "Strange Constructions", this chapter takes a look at the sacred landscape and hidden history of Washington, D.C., and takes you deeper into many of the locations found in Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.

If you like the sample chapter, remember you can pick up the complete Guide to the Lost Symbol from for $9.95, or if in the United Kingdom from Amazon UK for £7.99. Available now.

The Guide to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol

I'm happy to announce that my revised version of The Guide to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol is available now from In the Guide I cover everything from the beginnings of Freemasonry, the hidden history of America, the sacred landscape of Washington, D.C., Noetic Science, and the secret traditions which are at the heart of Robert Langdon's journey in The Lost Symbol.

You can read a chapter excerpt from the book over at The Daily Grail. The article deals with the concept of 'the Lost Word', and how Dan Brown has once again challenged 'orthodox religion' in his latest book by discussing this concept - although this time a little more surreptitiously than the Jesus-Magdalene thing! (Warning to those who haven't read The Lost Symbol yet: there are some minor plot spoilers.)

Anonymous Commenting

A quick apology to anonymous commenters: for some reason your comments were being put into an 'approval queue' that I was unaware of. I have fixed the problem and approved all of your comments. Posting from now on should be immediate.

Also: 'Ben' and 'Ted', can you please email me (userhelp at - I have unpublished your comments about the cover codes as I believe you are onto something, and deserve credit/prizes if they pan out. I wanted to check whether you are fine with your posts being public, and thus likely being used by others.

New Cryptex Design

As you can see, The Cryptex has had a redesign! Hope it's pleasing to the eye and offers a nice Brownian vibe while browsing all things Dan and The Lost Symbol. Things are still being polished and squared away, so apologies if you come across any rough edges over the next few days - if you do, please post a comment and let me know.

The Guide to the Lost Symbol

For those looking to pass the time before the release of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol (Sept. 15), this might provide some fun and fascination: I've updated and converted my Guide to the book into Kindle format. You can pick it up from the Amazon Kindle store for the very low price of just $5.99!

The Guide to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol

The eBook offers a great primer on a number of the topics likely to be in The Lost Symbol: the origins of Freemasonry, its influence on the Founding of the United States, the esoteric landmarks of Washington, D.C., and so much more.

NT Times Mention

Scuse my vanity, but I must tell of the quick mention of my book in a New York Times piece on Dan Brown's popularity. Not exactly a review, but I'll certainly take a "not-half-bad" and "intriguing" from the very discerning NYT writers/reviewers! The piece has certainly spiked interest in the Guide, with a number of people seeking out where to buy the book. The box to the right of page says it all!

The Cryptex

Over the past few months I've had a lot of people suggesting that this site is very handy for all types of Dan Brown news, not just news about his next book The Solomon Key. As such, I'm redirecting the theme of the site to anything related to Dan Brown and his books. From next week, the site will have a new look, and also a new name: The Cryptex. Please feel free to stop in regularly to find out the latest from Brown, and all manner of related topics.

Founding Fathers Essay

An essay I wrote on the Masonic and Utopian thinking which was prevalent among the Founding Fathers of the United States has been published in one of my side projects, Sub Rosa Magazine. Sub Rosa is a free, professional-quality PDF magazine available to download from the aforementioned website (the first three issues are currently available to download).

I'll eventually add the essay to this website, but for now go download Issue 3 of Sub Rosa and see it in a pretty graphic environment. Also to read in the latest issue is an essay on the truth behind Rosslyn Chapel - one of the primary locations used by Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code - an interview with visionary artist Alex Grey, and the latest on research into reincarnation and 'rational spirituality'. Why not take a look (it is free after all!)?

The Guide in Australia

I had the pleasant surprise this morning of browsing the shelves of an Angus and Robertson store in my hometown of Brisbane in Australia, and finding six copies of my book The Guide to Dan Brown's The Solomon Key (actually my wife saw them, I was looking at another book about 6 inches away and didn't notice them!). I hadn't realised that we had distribution in Australia - I asked at the counter and apparently Banyan Tree Books are distributing to bookstores here. So, if you're an Aussie and looking for a copy - there could well be one in your local bookstore!

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