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Topic “Dan Brown”

Brown in Parliament

Despite finally slipping down the best-seller charts, Dan Brown appears to remain a favourite with members of the British Parliament. In a survey of which books the pollies are reading, Brown was top of the list, or near top of the list for many of them - despite most of their other books of interest were historical or political 'heavy' reads. Perhaps they're brushing up before the next one heads for Washington, D.C.?

Dan Brown Talks

Dan Brown made a rare appearance on Sunday night, speaking at a small event in his local area of New Hampshire. The event is covered quite well here, and also in this article as well. MSNBC also has a little bit of video of Brown speaking at the event (looks quite professional, I wonder if the whole thing will show up some time?).

There was very little in the way of Solomon Key-related discussion, with the only mention being when Brown explained the delay in publication with this: ""I'm in no hurry. I just have to write a great follow-up and it will be done when it's done."

Dan Brown vs Lewis Purdue

The 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in New York has upheld a ruling that Dan Brown did not copy elements of novels by author Lewis Purdue (The Da Vinci Legacy and Daughter of God) in The Da Vinci Code. The decision comes on the back of the high-profile case in London this month where a British court rejected charges he plagiarised The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. Purdue however takes issue with the reporting of this latest decision, saying that Random House sued him...not the other way around.

Brownian News 13-04-2006

Just a couple of news tidbits which might interest Dan Brown fans. Firstly, fresh after the London copyright case decision, is this news story about a possible new plagiarism claim being made by a Russian art expert. On a different note, The Times talks to the Master of the Temple about Brown's effect on tourism to the landmark and his own thoughts on the book.

Dan Brown on eBooks and 'The Sequel'

I recently linked to a video about the movie version of The Da Vinci Code, which was a Sony CES keynote presentation. Another of Sony's keynotes was about the new Sony eBook Reader, and to discuss the merits of the book they brought in none other than Dan Brown himself. The video of Brown's presentation is available from C-Net, in both Real and Windows Media formats.

The presentation ends with Sony top man Howard Stringer asking Dan Brown about 'the sequel', to which Brown continues walking off the stage saying "I'm writing it, I'm writing it." The CES presentation was in January this year, so it looks like the book will be a while yet.

Dan Brown Bio

Another Dan Brown related book is out, with the release of an unauthorised biography titled The Man Behind The Da Vinci Code, by Lisa Rogak. The official website has more details about the biography, including excerpts from the book. Worth checking the page for alone are the samples of Dan Brown singing, from his musician days (not really to my taste!). You can buy the book from US and UK.

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