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DVC Movie Code Update

As an addendum to my recent essay on the 'Seek the Codes' cipher in the movie trailer for The Da Vinci Code, there has been an update to the Cryptophile website (which appears to be a 'viral marketing' outlet for the movie). A coded message is within the last update, a cipher based as capital letters, which says "Did you seek the dials". This seems to refer to the different versions of the cryptex image which appear on the movie trailer page of the DVC movie website. Each of the different sized movies has a different word revealed on the cryptex - grail, cross, blade and lisas. Whether these form an anagram, or are keywords to something else, I'm not sure yet.

The Second Coming of The Da Vinci Code

For those interested in the upcoming movie version of The Da Vinci Code, make sure you take a look at this feature from Newsweek. The article has a few stills from the movie, and includes input from Tom Hanks, Audrey Tatou, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. The movie is slated for release on May 19th.

Deciphering Da Vinci Movie

Noticed the little code at the end of the trailer for The Da Vinci Code movie? How far have you traveled with it? I've written an essay logging where the breadcrumbs have lead me thus far - take a look at what I've found, and feel free to let me know what I've missed. Wonder if this is all just some trivial viral marketing, or if it's leading somewhere...

The Da Vinci Code Movie Trailer

The official first full-length trailer for The Da Vinci Code has been released, and is available over at the Apple website devoted to movie trailers. Looks pretty darn good too, kind of exciting to see some 'flesh' laid on the bones of characters which exist only in our imaginations. The use of architecture to set the mood also seems to work well - look forward to seeing the movie.

Priest Helps Crack the Code

Theology professor Father Richard McBrien is helping Ron Howard crack the code of next year's biggest movie.

"I think what bothered most critics was the fact that the question [of Jesus being married] was even being raised and that I was open to discussing it," he said in his Dec. 1 column.

Wonder if this appointing of Father McBrien points to a 'softening' of the script on the subject of Jesus being married and having children? Would be a difficult thing to play down, considering that much of the controversial publicity for the book is on that very subject.

Opus Dei Makes Lemonade

The UK's Globe and Mail has an interesting story regarding Opus Dei's concern about how they would be portrayed in the upcoming movie version of The Da Vinci Code:

The New York hierarchy got only as far as an exchange of correspondence with Amy Pascal, chair of Sony's motion picture group (Ms. Pascal insisted Sony simply intended to put out a popcorn-popper movie that offended no one). But Father Dolan got further.

He took a trip to Hollywood and met two people whose names he'd been given by Mr. Levine, and one of them told him, "If someone gives you a lemon, make lemonade of it." And that piece of advice, said Father Dolan, altered his view of the situation.

He now saw the book and the coming film as a wonderful opportunity to talk to people about Opus Dei and explain what it really is about, and let them meet a real human being who belongs to the organization.

Wonder whether we'll be hearing the same sentiments after the movie is released?

Da Vinci on Xbox

Gamespy is reporting that 2K Games has signed an exclusive worldwide deal with Sony Pictures to publish and distribute video games based on Sony's upcoming big screen adaptation of The Da Vinci Code. The games are currently in production at the development studio, The Collective. Both the movie and the game are expected to be released in May 2006.

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