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Da Vinci Movie Preview

The Da Vinci Code movie arrives this week in theatres, and the publicity drive is growing (during the recent Google quest this site was getting more than 12,000 individual visitors in a single day). Sony Pictures recently held a press conference at which they showed 35 minutes of the movie, followed by questions to Tom Hanks, who plays the hero of the story (Robert Langdon). It's quite a worthwhile read, with Hanks shifting between the usual one-line jokes and personal thoughts on the religious controversy which has surrounded the book (and shortly the movie no doubt).

Da Vinci Hype (Re)Begins

As we get closer to the release of the movie version of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, the media once again begins publishing a growing number of DVC-related articles. In the Guardian there's a very readable review of the book by a 'Da Vinci Virgin' (not many left around these days) who just happens to also be an Oxford Don. Half a world away, Brisbane's Courier Mail looks at the golden days of Brown - a summary which investigates how Brown hit the jackpot with DVC, and also how the movie is set to re-ignite the whole debate once again.

Opus Dei Snub

Sony pictures has reportedly snubbed a request from Catholic group Opus Dei to get a private advance showing of the film version of The Da Vinci Code:

Opus Dei's UK spokesman Jack Valero says: "We told Sony we would like to see the film in advance but our requests have been ignored. Having seen the trailer the film looks pretty horrible, especially the depiction of the Opus Dei monk. I hope the film as a whole is mature enough not to offend anyone."

A little sensitive, hmmm?

Da Vinci Code Quest on Google Answers

I will be trying to keep up to date with the daily solutions to the Da Vinci Code Quest on Google, for anyone needing help. The essay will be updated daily (as time allows) as I solve each puzzle - feel free to help out in the comments section to the essay though...the more the merrier.

New Da Vinci Code Movie Trailer

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming movie version of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, featuring more snippets which will no doubt be recognisable to those who have read the book. The countdown to the movie has well and truly begun, with less than 2 months now until the official release on May 19th. More details can be found at the official movie website (including sudoku-like games, puzzles and codes for your amusement).

Da Vinci Movie Controversy

The controversy around The Da Vinci Code continues, with the movie now coming in for attacks from certain groups. Opus Dei have requested that certain scenes be deleted from the movie so as not to offend Catholics, and Albino groups have also criticised the stereotyping of them in the book/movie as evil people.

Controversy aside, publicity for the movie continues to gain momentum with the release to of a gallery of stills from the much-anticipated film version of Dan Brown's hit book. The images show most of the main characters, and fans of the book will no doubt be able to spot certain scenes which have until now only been in their head.

More Movie

For those interested in the upcoming movie version of The Da Vinci Code, NBC's Today show recently interviewed director Ron Howard about the film, in which he played a short unreleased segment (the scene with Langdon and Sophie Neveu inspecting the Mona Lisa). You can view the interview and clip online, but be warned - Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player are required.

Also, for the computer geeks out there, the first screenshots from the DVC computer game have been released as well. It's like the second coming at the moment...although perhaps Dan Brown would argue against the Biblical allegory!

Da Vinci Gallery

Fred Zimmerman has a note up on his weblog linking to a gallery of pictures related to The Da Vinci Code movie. In the gallery you'll find press pics (recent and older) of Tom Hanks, Audrey Tatou and the other personalities involved in the upcoming film. Thanks Fred.

DVC Movie Preview

For those eager to see a little more of the upcoming DVC movie, check out this amateur video from the CES 2006 Sony Keynote video. Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Tom Hanks all chat about the movie (including some hilarious Sony endorsements from Hanks), but also there is previously unseen footage from the movie - the segment shown is Robert Langdon presenting a speech on symbology. The video quality isn't great (ironically, the presentation is a promotion for Sony's Hi-definition video), but still worth checking out.

More Movie Codes

The Da Vinci Code movie website has had a lot of new additions, including new puzzles to solve (which may be some great treasure hunt, or maybe just a trivial waste of time). In any case, I've posted what I've found so far as an update to my Deciphering the Da Vinci Code Movie Trailer essay (warning - spoilers!). If you're trying to solve it as well, I'd love to hear your thoughts - please feel free to leave a comment! Also on the movie site, you can find some fun games of anagram solving and also a sudoku-like symbol logic game which is a bit addictive (21 seconds is my best time).

While on the topic of the movie, it has also been announced that it will premier at the Cannes Film Festival (as a showcase, not a contestant), shortly before it comes to theatres around the world on May 19th. Not too far away now...

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