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Da Vinci Prequel Banned from Churches

The diocese of Rome has banned the producers of the film adaptation of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons from filming in any of its churches:

"It's a film that treats religious issues in a way that contrasts with common religious sentiment," Monsignor Marco Fibbi, the diocese spokesman, told AP.

"We would be helping them create a work that might well be beautiful but that does not conform to our view," he added.

The producers were hoping to film in the churches of Santa Maria del Popolo and Santa Maria della Vittoria.

In other news, some photos from on location have made their way onto the Internet.

Angels and Demons Cast

After a long break from any Dan Brown-related news, some word from Hollywood on the cast for the film version of Angels and Demons:

This past week a couple of new faces were added to the project. First, Ayelet Zurer (Munich) signed on as the female lead, pairing up with Hanks’ character while trying to solve her father’s murder. Next, a bit more of a known face came into play as we learned that Ewan McGregor was in negotiations to play the role of the Pope’s closest aide, Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca, who initially helps Langdon with the investigation.

Angels & Demons is scheduled for production beginning June 5th (for a May 2009 release).

Howard in CERN

Ron Howard has reportedly visited CERN in Switzerland as part of his research for the 'prequel' to his movie version of The Da Vinci Code, based on Dan Brown's Angels and Demons:

Landua took Howard and his staff to the factory where scientists make antimatter “and they wanted to know, was it true what Dan Brown wrote about antimatter.” In fact, Brown’s 480-page novel, published in 2000, is riddled with scientific inaccuracies. Landua pointed out some of the errors to Howard and proposed a more plausible scenario. “They recorded what I said over lunch and I later heard that every word of it has made it into the script.” Cern said a documentary on the facility’s work should appear as a special feature when the DVD version of Angels & Demons is released in 2009.

Wonder how they'll adapt the story without the antimatter (at least as Dan sees it)?

Hanks for Angels and Demons

Columbia Pictures has announced that the film version of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons will begin shooting in February, and will once again see Tom Hanks reprising (preprising?) the role of Robert Langdon. Ron Howard will also, once again, direct the film.

Speculation is for a Summer 2009 release. Putting on a marketing hat for a second, does this suggest a realistic release time for Dan Brown's next book? Marketing 101 would suggest giving the public a few years breathing space, and then ramping up the Dan Brown publicity machine for multiple releases. Although, that would make a 6 year gap between books! Guess we'll have to wait and see...

Hanks on for Angels

Reports are saying that Tom Hanks has signed on to play Robert Langdon again, in the upcoming DVC 'prequel' Angels and Demons. Sources say the deal will net Hanks the "biggest salary ever paid to an actor in the history of Hollywood." Award-winning DVC screenwriter Akiva Goldsman will again adapt Dan Brown's novel for film.

Goldsman for DVC Sequel Movie

DeadlineHollywood reports that Akiva Goldsman, who adapted Dan Brown's worldwide bestseller The Da Vinci Code, is receiving $4 million from Imagine Entertainment and Sony Pictures for the adaptation of the sequel to DVC. Reports are confusing as to whether this is actually the sequel, or a rewritten Angels and Demons (changing it to post-DVC) - in any case, Sony is anticipating a 2008 release of the film.

Da Vinci 2nd Biggest Opening

Sony Pictures is reporting that The Da Vinci Code recorded the second biggest movie opening in history. The film took a staggering $US231.8 million worldwide opening from May 19-21: $154.7 million international, $77.1 million in the U.S. Sony is also saying it was #1 in every territory it opened. So much for the criticism.

Da Vinci Movie First Reviews

The first reviews of The Da Vinci Code movie are in from Cannes, and first impressions aren't too good (though should we trust snobbish critics on a press junket in Cannes?):

I'll have my own verdict in 24 hours or so, as I'm heading off to see it tomorrow night.

Google Quest Cryptex

The U.S. version of the Da Vinci Code Google Quest is coming to its conclusion, with the 10,000 finalists currently receiving their cryptexes in the mail, soon to be followed by emails pointing them at the final challenge (see here for an image of one of the cryptexes). This concluding challenge will be based completely on the time taken to complete the final puzzles (that is, not the time of day you finish), which can be done at any time in the allotted 48 hour period. Quite simply, the fastest of the 10,000 wins the major prize.

Obviously, it's unlikely that you'll find the answers to the final challenge on our Da Vinci Quest on Google - Solutions page (which has had over 150,000 hits during the past month, and also has had slmost 500 comments). But please do let us know if you're one of the finalists, and it would be awesome to see a winner out of one of the crew (I'm in Australia, and therefore ineligible to even get one of those little cryptexes, let alone the major prize).

Da Vinci Movie Easter Egg

For those who'll be heading on out to see the movie version of The Da Vinci Code, here's something to keep an eye out for (besides Rosslyn Chapel etc). Apparently Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett, authors of The Templar Revelation, make a cameo appearance during one of the London scenes - Clive tells me it's a "blink and you'll miss it" appearance:

The place to look out for is when you see Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou on the top deck of a London bus - we're the passengers immediately behind them. If the plot's the same as the book it'll be towards the end of the movie, getting from Temple Church to the climax at Westminster Abbey. They filmed some close-ups and reaction shots but who knows whether they'll use them - you might end up just seeing our elbows.

The question that begs to be asked, is why Ron Howard and Dan Brown thought Clive and Lynn being in a scene would be a good "in-joke" to have in the film? Perusing the recent London copyright case judgement (PDF) to see the big influences on Brown's research for TDVC probably provides the answer. Clive and Lynn's new book The Sion Revelation is out now (Amazon US and UK), and continues their research on the Priory of Sion and the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery - we'll be featuring some of this in the next issue of Sub Rosa.

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