The Da Vinci Exorcist?

The Catholic newspaper The Universe is reporting that 'rebel priest' Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo is said to have met with representatives of Dan Brown and Sony Pictures, discussing the possibility of working with Brown on a new novel about exorcisms:

Participants talked about organising a meeting between Archbishop Milingo and Dan Brown at Gatwick in late September or early October, according to the Italian daily, Il Giornale.

In addition his work with Brown on the new novel, Milingo is also reported to have reached an agreement to collaborate with Sony Pictures in the production of a film based on Brown’s earlier novel Angels and Demons.

The Vatican has said that if the story is true, there would be "serious consequences" in store for Milingo, who has previously caused controversy by suggesting there are devil worshippers within the Catholic Church and by becoming married in a 'Moonie' ceremony.