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Da Vinci Quest on Google - Solutions

Interested in mysteries? Check out the free online magazine Sub Rosa, which covers historical mysteries, secret societies, the occult and mysteries of the mind. And don't forget to check the daily alternative news portal The Daily Grail.

The "Da Vinci Code Quest on Google" is an online competition tied into the release of the movie version of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. Beginning on April 17th, 2006 the Quest will involve solving puzzles and codes over the course of a 24-day period. Below I'll try and offer any help I can on each day's challenge, and remember to check the comments section as well for others' tips (feel free to chip in with your own comments or assistance at any stage).

Warning: Quest Spoilers Below

Day 1: The first day challenge is a Sudoku-like game (using symbols rather than the usual numbers or letters) similar to those that have been on the movie website for a while now. Each puzzle is different, so I can't give you the solution, but it is quite easy. Just look at each vertical and horizontal line, as well as the marked shaded sections, and use a process of elimination. After you solve the puzzle, you are asked a question regarding a triangular symbol on Langdon's (Hanks') face - the answer is "blade".

Day 2: Again, the initial puzzle is simple enough, with matching pairs of debris to be cleared away from a painting. After you solve the puzzle, you are asked a question regarding a cross-like symbol on Aringarosa's face - the answer is "greek cross".

Day 3: Today's puzzle is a test of observation. The question points you to a movie trailer on Google Video (search for "Robert Langdon"), and three questions are asked about scenes in the movie. Give it a go yourself, but if you are stuck here are the answers: (i) fleur de lys (ii) vitruvian man and (iii) five.

Day 4: Today's puzzle is a very simple game of organising the positioning of paintings so that they all fit in a certain space. After you solve the puzzle, you are asked a question regarding an upside down triangular symbol on Sophie Neveu's face - the answer is "chalice".

Day 5: In this instalment of the quest, you are asked to 'checkmate' a king - though you don't need to know chess, as the moves are done automatically when you answer three questions. Silas' spiked belt is a cilice, the 2nd to 4th ranked members of the Priory of Sion are the sénéchaux, and the engraved tablet is known as the keystone.

Day 6: Today you have a jigsaw puzzle to complete, of a Google Earth satellite image. As usual, this task is reasonably easy. Once completed, you are asked: "This city contains a 3-D version of Leonardo's the Last Supper created by Marisol, where is this city?" The answer is New York (thanks Schmoozer for the input). I wonder if the words at the bottom of the image have any further bearing on the is 'Sanborn' (which is the surname of the creator of the Kryptos statue which is supposed to play a part in Brown's next book - is this just a coincidence?). The other, FYI in case of further questions, is 'Bluesky'.

Day 7: The puzzle is another sudoku-like symbol game, this time with a grid of 5x5, rather than the 4x4 in round 1. A tough one too - I actually had to make an educated guess at one stage, with no definite solution presenting themselves. Anyhow, once finished, the question was "how many stones in 196000 grains." Seeing as there are 98000 grains in one stone, the answer is therefore "2" (I entered "two" to start with and was enter the actual numeral).

Update: It seems that people are getting different questions here, although all (that I know of) have been measurement conversions - here's a handy online resource to help out. More tips: be sure to use the correct units (many countries have different standards), and also use the Google search function...I had another try at today's puzzle (just for fun) and had all sorts of trouble working out a conversion on the mass of Jupiter, until I used the mass that Google gave me (as opposed to Wikipedia and other sources). Feel free to leave your particular question and answer in the comments below, in case someone else gets the same one.

Day 8: This round is once again a 'clear the debris' game, which is easy enough by trial and error, and a little intuition. The revealed question is once again different for everyone, although all seem to ask questions based on ISBN numbers (mine was "what was ISBN 0895581167 the time of? - my answer was Donatello). To find out the book your ISBN refers to, you can either use Google as the quest suggests, or I find it easier using's search function, or start with (thanks Chirag).

Day 9: Back to the 'curator' puzzle, in which you must hang paintings on a wall. Once again, the 'question of the day is random, so you probably won't get the same as me: "What month is Italy's national day?" The answer is June. For other answers, see below in the comments, or just cut and paste your question into Google - it generally gives you the answer.

Day 10: Today is another observation puzzle, with the questions based on a new Google video which introduces the albino monk Silas. You need to watch (and listen) to the clip closely to ascertain the answers. Question 1 asks the shape of an important looking stone object which Silas finds - the answer is octagon. The second question asks what is the last thing Silas touches in the video - this refers to the 'reverse shot' from inside the font - the answer is of course holy water. Finally, the last question asks: "what is it that will ultimately be broken?" You need to have listened to the voiceover to figure out this one - the answer is silence.

Day 11: Three questions today, as part of the chess componenent of the quest. Question one is: "A word that can read the same backwards or forwards is called:" - the answer is palindrome. Question two asks where in the Louvre was Jacques Sauniere's body found, the answer is Denon Wing. Finally, the last question asks "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" is an example of what? The answer is pangram (a piece of text which uses every letter of the alphabet.).

Day 12: Today is a jigsaw puzzle - as usual, the easiest way to complete it is to start with corner pieces, work on to side pieces, and then finish the internal. The museum is the Palazzo di Venezia, and it can be found in the city of Rome. To find the Greek Cross (which won't appear until you click on the correct building), go to Google Maps and search for "Museo Nazionale di Palazzo di Venezia". Switch to the satellite view and you should get a fair indication of where to find it. Update: See this image (180kb).

Day 13: The beginning of round 3 sees another sudoku puzzle. Each of these are random, so you're on your own. Once done, you are presented with a random translation question. A good resource is to use Babelfish for this, or if you want feel free to add your particular question and answer in the comments (mine was, what is the translation of avorio - "ivory").

Day 14: Today is another 'restoration' puzzle, and this one is more difficult/frustrating - hang in there if you have problems, and if you really strike a difficult one it might pay to press the 'Request new puzzle' button. Once completed, you are given a cipher which needs to be decrypted using the Atbash (a code in which each letter of the alphabet is transposed onto a 'backward' alphabet). Use the two alphabets on this page to work out what your message is (for the record, mine was "xlmhkrizxb", which works out as conspiracy.

Day 15: On we go to the 'curator' puzzle for the third time. Not sure of everyone else's challenge, but I was lucky enough to get the easiest puzzle thus far I think...only took me a matter of seconds. Afterwards, there is once again a language challenge - I was asked for the Italian word for "painting". I used Babelfish and easily found the answer: "pittura".

Day 16: Today is the chess puzzle, in which you have to answer three multiple choice questions correctly to 'checkmate the king'. Question 1 asks who designed the Louvre's famous pyramid - the answer is I. M. Pei. The second question asks which French king built the Louvre, you should select Philip II Augustus. The final question asks which of the list of people never set foot in Notre Dame: Pope Leo IX will take you to checkmate.

Day 17: Another Google video to watch, this round the subject is Leigh Teabing (played by Ian McKellen). Three questions are posed regarding the video: the letter in the clip is "f", the word is "quest" and the number of 'spectacles' is "7".

Day 18: An easy jigsaw puzzle to conclude round three (one more to go!), followed by a question regarding Leonardo's perpetual motion sketch (answer: "London"). You then have to find four triangles ('blades') on the map, if you have a sharp eye they are easy enough to find. These point at a building in London, the answer to the question is "Imperial College".

Day 19: Ow! The final round begins with a much tougher Sudoku challenge...I actually had to request a new puzzle as I couldn't start the first one, and the second still took quite a long time to figure out. After that, you are asked a question which you need to use Google Books to solve - enter in the author, and the book to the search box. Then, search inside that book for the words which are in bold in your question. Funnily enough, I couldn't even use this to figure mine out, as Google said the page I was searching for was 'restricted'. Luckily, it was a book in the public domain, so I searched for the phrase in the Project Gutenberg. For anyone that gets the same as me, the "chief Italian virtue" found in William Dean Howells' Italian Journey is patience (oh, the irony).

Day 20: For the last time we're given the 'clearing debris from paintings' puzzle. I've had trouble with this every round, but funnily enough not this time. Using the honeycomb grid behind the debris certainly helps to keep your bearings. Afterwards, I was asked another Google book question, about the artist who has a piece in the Uffizi which shows "a woman playing the lute". Searching for that phrase, and "Uffizi", in Google Book Search, shows that the artist is "Bega" (Cornelius).

Day 21: The final curator puzzle has us hanging paintings, and again mine was surprisingly easy (apologies to anyone having troubles). Afterwards came yet another random question based on Google Book Search - mine was 'whose birthplace did Petrarch' stop in at, the answer was "Virgil". As always, people are posting their own questions and answers in the comments section below (5 pages worth now!), so if you're stuck it might pay to browse the most recent posts (ie. usually the final page).

Day 22: Today's "chess" puzzle is perhaps the easiest round so far. The leading member of the Priory of Sion is the "Nautonnier", the individual not rumoured to be a member of the PoS was "Nicolas Poussin", and the Egyptian goddess of fertility was "Isis" (not to mention being the name of my daughter).

Day 23: The penultimate puzzle today, and it's another jigsaw map to put together. The city shown in the map is "Paris", the nine cinquefoils can be found in a long triangle at about -45 degrees to the vertical. The final answer (what sequence is 1, 4, 9) is squares.

Day 24: The final puzzle, which consists of three questions that are based on a new Google video introducing the character of Sophie Neveu (played by Audrey Tatou). The answers to each question respectively are "2", "So dark the con of man", and "Madonna of the Rocks".

Update: There seems to be some confusion as to how participants make the 'final 10,000' and move onto the last phase of the competition (in the U.S.) The rules state: "ONCE PARTICIPANT FILLS IN HIS/HER GOOGLE ID AND CLICKS "SUBMIT" ON THE PUZZLE COMPLETION FORM, HIS/HER SUBMISSION WILL BE TIME-STAMPED AND WILL BE DEEMED PARTICIPANT'S OFFICIAL PUZZLE COMPLETION TIME." So it is the time of day today that you submit the final puzzle (not how long it took you to complete it) - you have to be one of the first 10,000 to have done so. The rules also say that the final 10,000 will be notified around May I guess you won't know until then whether you have made the grade. At least you're not in Australia (my region), where the prizes are pretty lame, and it appears to be judged solely on your idea - in 50 words or less - as to what the next Robert Langon adventure should be (judged on 'originality, creativity and adherence to the word limit).

If you like puzzles, why not solve the mystery of what's in Dan Brown's next book The Solomon Key? Take a look around this site for clues, or just buy The Guide to Dan Brown's The Solomon Key from Amazon (5-star rating).


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Hotshots wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

free game?

no there is no free game. it's a code for 5 bucks off the full game. there is no activation code for free game anywhere

oscarh wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Free Game Info

there is a free game. when you open the email for the Non Finalists. it tells you to go HERE. the you click on BUY and on the bottom right side you click on "Have A Coupon?" and enter the Coupon Code that came with the email. It should automatically ask you for your email. Once you download it, it will be a Trial Version. Go to the email that you put in and there should be an Activation Code, put that where it asks to get the Full Version. You should then have the Complete Game.

floridagirl1025 wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

FINALISTS- so are you going to keep your Cyrptex

i am planning on keeping mine but there are 48 of them up on ebay already, i was jsut wondering who was going to keep theirs.. I figure it is highly unlikely i will win the final prize but this is cool thou

azof02 wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

I'm keeping mine...even

I'm keeping mine...even though I doubt I'll win.

For all you people still interested, though...did you notice that in the new sneak peek trailer that certain letters are highlighted in the actors/actresses/movie staff names? I wonder if there's another code here...

...for reference, it comes out to IHTR MEAN AU NNFIV DITV. I haven't figured anything out yet, or if they are related to the names they came out of, or whatever...

miffy wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

just got the email

just got the email confirming that i AM a finalist. i think i'll keep my cryptex, unless they start selling for some outrageous amout of money on ebay. but i doubt that.

Lex Cryptex wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

I'm keeping it

Though the puzzles were not that hard, I had a good time. I'm keeping the Cryptex + little note. It has value to me. It's fun to display and tell the story...

Lex Cryptex wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago
miffy wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

the above picture is of the

the above picture is like the one available to purchase. (note the teeth) the one the rest of us received only have two teeth.

LONDELL wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Just got home and got the email

Well, after all of my worry, I got home to find that at 8:13PM MDT I received the FINALIST email. I am thinking just like many of you that I will more than likely not win the grand prize and this (the cryptex) is a very cool prize for me, so, I'm going to keep mine, note and all. No, it's not made out of marble or some precious metal, but it's the closest that I have got to winning anything (sad, yes, i know!).

good luck to all of you who are on their way to the final round!

creativeneedles wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

No word yet

Well poo, I STILL haven't gotten any e-mail. This suspense is killing me, from what I can gather I'm right on the line time wise.

rg wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

got e-mail

At 10:38 PM EST I got an e-mail telling me I am not a finalist.
O' well. I did not want to pay income tax on the prize anyway.

ctyankee wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

I was NOT one of the

I was NOT one of the finalist.

It was fun. I particularly liked the game where you need to put the triangles and other objects in the right rows and columns and groups. That was pretty neat.

I thought the process let down at the end. They could have easily made the final puzzle difficult so that it would differentiate contestants. Instead, it got down to those waiting to solve the puzzle when the puzzle went up at 1:00 p.m. (my time).

What about people (like me) that were in meetings or you know ... have a life?

They could have easily timed the responses from start time (when viewer initatiates to when completed for the last puzzle. That (and several different versions) and a harder last puzzle would have differentiated things a bit.

Oh well.

daveywoodard wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Not a finalist

Got the emal I didn't want.

Smeagle wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Short Window

I finished the 24th puzzle and registered by 1:15 and got the "Thanks anyway" email today. It was a short window of opportunity I guess. Oh well, it was fun.

daveywoodard wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

I finished at 1:08

I finished at 1:08

StillInTheGame wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Movie Clip Clue

Someone else here noticed the highlighted letters in the movie clip e-mailed to the finalist.

The letters are
hitr mean au nivnf dtiv

when re-arranged, spells

Find the Vitruvian Man

Can anyone else confirm this or find another relevant phrase?

lajackie wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Great job guys!

Great job guys!

SaintAelphaba wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Same thing I got.I'm gonna

Same thing I got.
I'm gonna google this sucker a bit and see what comes up
But the vitruvian man comes up in a lot of things... I think this is another hint
~Saint Aelphaba

SaintAelphaba wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Looked over the clip again,

Looked over the clip again, the only vitruvian man in the entire thing is saunierre and they show the pentagram symbol of the sacred goddess, perhaps this ties into the history with Saunierre (the historical figure) or it is asking for a search further of that. I'll check google.

Has anyone figured out what is on Ron's hat? it's bugging the heck out of me!
~Saint Aelphaba

sdpalladio wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

That is also what I got.

That is also what I got. Where is the sneak peek trailer?

SaintAelphaba wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

It's a finalist thing. and

It's a finalist thing. and it's attached to the email.
~Saint Aelphaba

sdpalladio wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Oh.. I haven't opened that

Oh.. I haven't opened that back up since I got it late last night.

SaintAelphaba wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

The writing on Ron's hat

The writing on Ron's hat says, 'Leonardo Da Vinci'. The person playing the Vitruvian Man is Jean-Pierre Marielle, but I keep coming up with dead ends for him. I typed, '' and came to and the picture of it, but it is out of stock. then I tried '' and it came to a web based business that was opened in 2006. I'll keep looking, but this is making me dizzy
~Saint Aelphaba

mkmckenzie wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

anagrams in clips

I also noticed/decyphered the "Find The Vitruvian Man" clue. I then scrutinized the frames with the dead man, but I don't see anything special (i.e. photoshopping, like the chalice overlayed on the Phi symbol in the Sophie Video, which incidentally proved to be a red herring for those of us who discovered and studied the video in advance).

At the end of the theatrical trailer (the long version), I found more glowing anagram letters in the cast list. If you include the word "SEEK" that glows singularly just before the cast list, I get: "[SEEK] THE CODES".

So it looks like anagrams may be hidden all over the place, but may just be red herrings. Little bonus games for those of us who care too much.

rebekah220 wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Find The Vitruvian Man...

I finally figured out what "find the vitruvian man" means, but I'm having trouble with it after that (I've never been really good at observing videos).

Okay, after you finish finding all of the symbols in DaVinci Gallery- it takes you back to what appears to be the character pages. On the Bezu Fache page (the fleur de lis) there is a Vitruvian man. Lying next to the Vitruvian man, there is a star like symbol.. if you highlight it, it glows. If you click on it, it plays some very fast movie clips. I can't figure out how to pause these or what they mean.

Any suggestions?

Meowmi wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

on the bezu faiche page

w/ the vitruvian man, in the lower right, the corner is rolled up. if you pull it aside, it reveals a code and a coin w/ writing on it. if you enter the code in the row of symbols (the ones you found in the da vinci gallery), it opens a new screen...the de l'eglise de st sulpice de paris flashes *very* quickly. any one else get anything?

also noticed that when the paintings (again, that row w/ the symbols) glow blue, you can click on them and the page gets illuminated w/ blue light. in it, you can see the words "p.s. find robert langdon". when you go to his site, you see the rolled up corner, etc. i'll follow this for a bit and see where it takes me...but it's getting late. :-)

looks like it's just site easter eggs. ugh.

lestat2072 wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Find the vitruvian man

It's another URL for the Sony Movie website.

SaintAelphaba wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Sounds more like all the

Sounds more like all the information the finalists are going to need is on the movie site.

With the Sulpice, there is a weird layout underneath it. But I've been trying to figure that out for a while... Like since I first got past the gallery on my first day.
~Saint Aelphaba

gsquared wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Got the email but no cryptex

Did anybody else get the email but not the cryptex? I hope it's in the mail. I wouldn't want to have nothing to show for this when I don't win the grand prize.

Meowmi wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

got cryptex but no mail

how odd.

they've got until the 18th to get you your cryptex, though, so no worries.

warevely wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago


I got the loser email also. I was just wondering why there are so many of the cryptexs for sale on ebay? One person has 99 of them, and you can buy one for a buck with free shipping. Sounds fishy.

Lex Cryptex wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago


There's one going for over $200 now...

Lex Cryptex wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

The $1 Cryptex on Ebay

This guy only sells 'information' on how to get a cheap Cryptex. So you pay one dollar and he gives you the url of noble, the company that makes and sells them....

Vericima wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

Theres a bunch of those that

Theres a bunch of those that will tell you how to change the password on them. I figured it ou on my own and will tell you for free if you want to know.(its really easy)

Ditdah wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Email but no cryptex

I too got an email saying I'm a finalist, but did not recieve a cryptex in the mail yesterday. The mail hasn't come today, yet. But the chances of the US Post Office delivering 10,000 packages across the country on exactly the same day are slim - just too many factors involved! I assume I'll get it in the next day or so.

creativeneedles wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago


Still no e-mail, but my cryptex arrived today!

mkmckenzie wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Email, no prize

I also got the email yesterday, but my cryptex did not arrive until today. (I'm on the west coast)

dlethal wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago


Someone just sold their cryptex on ebay for 202 dollars. Another one just sold for 150.

amorgan wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Change Code

Lots of these eBay Cryptex sellers claim that they can change the code on the Cryptex they won. Does anyone know how to do this? I don't see how it's possible without taking the whole thing apart..

Fekona wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

I am thinking about

I am thinking about contacting the company to see about changing the code even tho it will be only two letters! :)

Lex Cryptex wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Changing the code

I think taking the whole thing apart is the only way:
when you open it you'll see 2 small screws... just unscrew those and pull off that end... then you can remove the letter rings... to change the letter you can slide off
the plastic ring with the letters on it... the letter that it will be is the letter that is lined up with the larger notch on the inside of the metal part of the letter ring

Fekona wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

that is what i thought i

that is what i thought i just didnt want to risk breaking it thanks !

suze wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

results in australia

has anyone in austalia won anything or had any emails at all since we finished last week? would love to know the winning idea, (we had to write in 50 words or less the next adventure we would like to see robert langdon undetake). all for pretty crappy prizes though but worth it for the fun of the challenges.

trashpad wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Box in the mail but no email in my box

I got the box yesterday but I still have not received an email yet. I did get the emails when I registered. What should I do?

Fekona wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Me personally I would get in

Me personally I would get in contact Google at least the day before the final challenge,it was probably a mistake I could understand I mean 10,000 emails thats alot it didnt really say much just that it starts the 19th runs for 48 hrs and a video for the finalists the web site was in your message in the cryptex but i would still contact them so you could have the message of being a finalist and to have the video

Good Luck to you!!!

Meowmi wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

still no email for me, either

that's 3 of us now, right? the emails were supposed to come out on the 15th, but they were late w/ them. still, how hard is it to mass-email people if you can get them something in snail mail?

HeppCatt wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Share the Spoils

Well despite the amount of moaning as I did about final puzzle day, I'm glad to report I am a finalist. With that said, I think as dense as I am I actually figured out something important. The folks who have 2 or more qualifiers in their house are the ones with a real chance of winning this thing, for obvious reasons. Now it may be that puzzles are randomly chosen for each finalist, but you'd still have a good idea of what your facing.

I would like to team up with 1 or 2 more people in the Long Beach, CA area to try to win this thing and share in the spoils. If you are a Southern Californian and your interested, contact me at "".

Simple plan;
1) We sign an agreement that we'll share if we win.
2) We get together, first person goes through the final puzzles and we note everything.
3) Possible second person does same (best scenario in my opinion is 3 people total).
4) Final person goes in armed and ready to win!

Seriously, if you're an individual and you think you have a chance of winning, in my opinion you are sadly fooling yourself. A team approach will be the final winner(s).

Time is of the essence, please email so we can exchange phone numbers and get this going!

mkmckenzie wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago


Don't forget to come up with an agreement on paying taxes.

"Grand Prize winner will receive an IRS Form 1099 from the Sponsor for the total ARV of the Grand Prize and the Finalist Prize stated above that he/she won in the calendar year won."

So have the person in the lowest income bracket go last.

mkmckenzie wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Furthermore, since we know

Furthermore, since we know there are Teams out there to compete with, I encourage anyone who can't afford to pay the taxes, or feels unskilled at these puzzles, to go ahead and finish the final soon and post here about the contents. I suspect Google has thought in advance of the Teaming thing and the puzzles are designed with randomness to diminish the team advantage. Notice the 24th puzzle was timed from release because people could cheat if it was timed from when you started.

SaintAelphaba wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

The rules say that there can

The rules say that there can only be one 'winner' in a household. Something about, that was on someone else's site. I only make about 18,000 a year (Yeah for us students!) But I'm already on a team... Sorry!
~Saint Aelphaba

sdpalladio wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago


Well, there were 12,500+ variations of the initial puzzles to start, so I imagine that, yes, there are at least a few variations of the final puzzles, especially since we can complete them at any time during the 48-hour period. Hopefully they're all at the same difficulty level, though, so there is no unfair advantage by luck of the draw.

Personally, I'd just like to know what category of puzzle each challenge falls under, like Challenge 1: Chess, Challenge 2: 9-Square Soduku, etc. just so I mentally know what to expect. True, they're probably similar to the challenges we'd been doing, but I get the impression that they're a more complicated variation without the trivia crutches they'd been providing.

kadin wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

So, anybody in the

So, anybody in the Philadelphia area?

tadbot wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago


I'm in the Philadelphia area and one of the 10,000 finalists. You may contact me via tadbot at gmaildotcom. Good luck with the contest, fellow cryptexians!

SaintAelphaba wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago


I'm working on a spreadsheet with the retail value of all the prizes from the sponsors to compare with their ARV. I'll post the link when I get it finished. But let me tell u now.

All the flights cost $103,200 FIRST CLASS.



You'll drop your jaw when you see what you could/can do if you get it past the sponsors...

~Saint Aelphaba

azof02 wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago


Anybody in the Michigan area willing to team?

sptmich wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago


azof02....hi, I live michigan. Clarkston to beexact. I'm looking for someone to team up with. Send me your email adress and we can chat.

miffy wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

oklahoma city area

i like the idea of a team effort, but it seems everyone is living 2000 miles away! is anyone close to me?

*edit* im so nervous about tomorrow!

StillInTheGame wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

See where the other finalist are

If you're a finalist and would like to know where the other finalist are located, click the link above. Right now there are 225 finalist listed. Pretty cool!

Who may have a neighbor who's playing too!

floridagirl1025 wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

Fl area

i really like the idea of the team effort but it seems like no one is around here and if i win (very doubtful) i already know one of the ppl who would be going as one of the guests I wish that they would of given us more help in the cryptex then just the site, i dont like the idea of going into it cold... If it was like the previous puzzles i can see having trouble on the chess part (esp if there are no questions) and the puzzle/ geography one... Well good luck everyone... Is anyone going to post here after they do theirs?

Meowmi wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

i'll post

but i won't be able to get around to sitting down and taking a crack at it until late i'll likely post sat night or sun morning. that doesn't give you guys a lot of time, though. :-\ i'm assuming that all 5 puzzles shouldn't take that long to complete, especially if you're forewarned.

miffy wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago


if any of us actually wins, he or she should send us all post cards from their trips!

floridagirl1025 wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

that would be cool

that would be cool

miffy wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago


or atleast post pictures. most people wont ever get the chance to go to all those great places. i hope somebody really deserving wins it.

Fekona wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

agreed post pics that would

agreed post pics that would be cool!!

I had a scare my internet went down earlier I thought GREAT TIMING! but its up now YAY! so did everyone finally get there emails and cryptexex that was supossed to get them?
I hope so
Good Luck All :)

acrebabe wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

Eurostar Quest

Just to let anyone who hasn't realised that part 3 of Eurostar Quest starts today Congrats to everyone who has qualified and good luck

Ickabod16 wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

Game On!

Well, It looks like the Final puzzles are available now. Once you log into the site, it says You may start at any time. - Interesting, wish I had time now to play.

highdef97 wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

reality sets in

First of all, wanted to say it's been fun playing the puzzles and becoming a finalist. But in reality, should I win, I won't be collecting much of the 1st prize -
can't afford the taxes.

The rules state that a 1099 Misc. income form will be sent to the grand prize winner. If you figure a 28% tax bracket based on the claimed value in the rules of $128170.00, you'll end up owing the government an additional $38,887.60 in taxes!

I suppose you'll be able to accept/ decline various items, as well as sell of some of the items to pay the extra tax, but I don't know if I want to go through all that hassle.

Seemed kinda strange to me at the start that there wasn't a breakdown of the prizes distributed over say, the top ten finishers. Course if they did that, they would probably end up actually paying out all the prizes.

At any rate, having gone this far, "bragging rights" does have its rewards.

Good luck all.

tibbyoreo wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

Louvre Puzzle

Has anyone tried the Louvre word puzzle with the names of the leaders of the Priory of Sion? I've only found five names (Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, Jean Cocteau, and Jacques Sauniere). Does anyone know who the other leaders are in the puzzle?

StillInTheGame wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

Louvre Puzzle

Here's a list of Grand Masters that I found. Hope this helps.

(what puzzle are you doing and where is it?)

René d'Anjou
Nicholas Flamel
Sandro Filipepi
Leonardo de Vinci
Robert Fludd
Johann Valenin Andrea
Robert Boyle
Isaac Newton
Charles Radclyffe
Charles de Lorraine
Charles Nodier
Victor Hugo
Claude Debussy
Jean Cocteau

from -

Meowmi wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

eurostar quest

nicolas flamel is on the same side of the pyramid that leonardo da vinci is on.

claude debussy is on the same side as jean cocteau, i think.

Sweeney wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

Eurostar Quest

I finished the 3rd round of puzzles last night and recieved an email from eurostar today saying " Help Downunder reach the top"

Your country needs you. So far, New Zealanders are the top codecrackers closely followed by France strong-minded Australians are battling against Americans and Belgians to gain third position. It's still very much all to play for.

I had a look at the terms and conditions for the final Grand Prize ( available 25th May ) and it seems to be to be similar to the Google USA final in that it is the fastest time to complete the last puzzle in each " Territory" wins.
means the following five eligible territories:
(1) United Kingdom; and
(2) mainland France (excluding DOM-TOM, Corsica and other islands); and
(3) Belgium; and
(4) USA; and
(5) Australia and New Zealand;

3. How to win the Ultimate Prize: Until the Grand Final, the Promotion will be run as five separate competitions in the five defined Territories. Players from each of the Territories shall compete against others within their Territory to complete the Main Puzzles and the Grand Prize Puzzle. To enter the Grand Final and to win the Ultimate Prize (for full details of the Prize see C1), you must complete all the Main Puzzles correctly and be the player from your Territory who completes the Grand Prize Puzzle in the fewest attempts. If two or more players complete the Grand Prize Puzzle in the same number of attempts the player with the fastest time will be chosen from your Territory. You may be required to provide the answer to a skill tiebreaker in case two or more players submit identical fastest times and have the same number of attempts. For any tie-breakers, relevant players will be required to submit a short answer to complete a sentence, with the Winner being the person who in the opinion of the judge has best completed the sentence, in accordance with the judging criteria specified at the time the tie-breaker question is released. Your time is measured from when you start a puzzle to when you complete it and is unrelated to the date or time of release of the puzzle. You have up to three entries to play. You can try on subsequent entries to reduce the number of attempts and improve your time. Your best entry will be submitted for the Grand Prize Puzzle. The maximum time within which the Grand Prize Puzzle must be solved is 60 minutes. The winner of the Grand Prize Puzzle in each Territory (a Finalist) will then be able to participate in the Grand Final where one Ultimate Prize and four Runner Up Prizes will be awarded. One Finalist from each Territory will be able to participate in the Grand Final.

Its interesting how it says you have 3 plays to try and submit your best entry so I imagine it will be an even bigger version than the10 barrel cryptex or something similar.

sdpalladio wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

The final challenge was

The final challenge was already available on Google as of 8:30 EST this morning. I haven't the courage to start it, though!

Lex Cryptex wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

Final puzzles

Hi there,

All 5 are the same one's as before only a little bit more of a challenge.

Fekona wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

I have read boards in other

I have read boards in other posts and this is what I had found so far
(not me someone else)
" I completed it this morning. About an hour is what it took.

I started with the SuDoKu puzzle - a 9x9 grid. That went quickly.
Next was the stupid paint splotches. That took me nearly 30 minutes.
Next was the thing where you hang the paintings.

4th was the chess game. No questions, you have to know how to play.
I brute forced it. 3 moves, 4 options each move. 1-1-1. 1-1-2.
1-1-3. Etc. My answer was 2-2-4. I have no clue what the moves were.

Last was the puzzle. Smaller pieces. 20 or 25, somewhere in there.
When you get it all in place it turnes into a movie trailer. Then you get the final screen.

Do not start the puzzles unless you can finish them in the one sitting.
If you close the browser you are done. If you try to go back in to finish, you get disqualified.

Good luck! "

I hope that this helps you all to figure out what to expect I wont be palying till later I got a date with my boyfriend and "the Da Vinci Code" :) I cant wait!!
Good Luck

floridagirl1025 wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

i was not looking forward to

i was not looking forward to the chess one to start with and now there arent clues... i wasnt even paying that much attention during the daily puzzles and was just doing the questions.


dlethal wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

I tried, I gave up

I tried, I gave up after an hour on the first puzzle. A 9x9 symbol puzzle this time. It was driving me nuts. Good luck guys.

floridagirl1025 wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

the symbol puzzle wont be

the symbol puzzle wont be too hard for me ( i do the suduko puzzles for fun) but i think come the chess puzzle that will be it for me i dont know a thing about chess except what the pieces are called

StillInTheGame wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago
floridagirl1025 wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

i can not get past the paint

i can not get past the paint spots

edit: i got past that and finished the final challenge

i did it in an hour and 26 mins acording to the computer clock....

my chess puzzle was like someone mentioned above being 2-2-4

the jigsaw puzzle was hard, the picture keeps moving.

goodluck to everyone

Ditdah wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago


Wow - that sucker was hard. The last puzzle, the "jigsaw puzzle" was really difficult. It's like a slideshow - all the pictures keep changing - showing scenes from the movie. Find the edges, and get them locked in. Some of the pictures are easier than others - when the cryptex flashes up, you can match up letters. When the Columbia Logo shows up, it's easy to recognize. Good Luck everyone!

Also, I STILL haven't received my Cryptex - did anyone else not get theirs? I printed a screenshot of my registration form, so I know I typed it correctly. I'd really hate to have solved all those puzzles and not get the proze to show for it.

Sweeney wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

Sony Pictures Australia Cryptex Competition

For all Aussies that completed the Google challenge only to be stuck for inspiration on the 50 words or less " What should Robert Langdons next adventure be" , here is your 2nd chance to come up with a good answer rather than a panicked one! Sony have a new comp on their site to win a gold plated cryptex. Its much like the last question.
" In 50 words or less tell us what secrets you will hide inside the cryptex?"

rg wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

The Final Challenge

I am not a Finalist.
It would be interesting if we (the non Finalists') could take the Final Challenge
so see how we would have done.
That would be nice of Google to set-up.

miffy wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago


I just did the final challenge, and I believe I finished in 11 minutes 37 seconds.

edit - I know I could have completed it faster, but I was SOOO nervous! i was shaking the whole stinkin time! (o_O) D'oh!

<3 miffy

Meowmi wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

so far, hearing people clocking in

at 5 minutes?!?! sheesh!

good luck everyone!!

i'll be starting in a bit--trying to pull off something harder: making a chicago-style pizza in l.a. :-)

miffy wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

mmmmm pizza :)

mmmmm pizza :)

<3 miffy

Meowmi wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

ok. here's the deal

the puzzles are all the same for everyone. go to to get the rundown (they have screenshots). as everyone's been theorizing, it's pretty much down to how fast you can click things into place.

the order of the puzzles is this: 1) sudoku, 2) restoration, 3) gallery, 4) chess, 5) jigsaw. to make it into the upper echelons of people competing you need to prolly score in the 4-minute range (that's less than 1 minute each, which is easy for the gallery and chess parts--i cleared then in about 15 seconds for both)...but i lost it for restoration (hard to keep up, even w/ the mapping on blogspot). try to keep a row-by-row orientation--it helps as you get into the middle of the round. finally, as everyone says, the jigsaw is a bear. work to get the edges down (you knew that already--just look for the straight sides on the puzzle pieces), and then watch what's going on to figure out where everything inside fits. you get about 2-3 seconds of any one scene before it switches again.

all told, though i lost some time in the restoration round (had to reset a few clicks in), i finished in 9 minutes.

best of luck to everyone still to compete!!

mkmckenzie wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago


Well it was fun. Way too much practicing -- I had those puzzles licked, but my strategy for Sudoku was place all phi's, then all blades, etc. What I didn't count on was that the puzzle takes a couple seconds to replace the last symbol used! ARG! Slowed me down by a whole minute. Oh well, I wouldn't have been under 5 min anway. Clocked in at 7 min. Good luck to all you sub 5'ers.

rg wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago


i read where some one said they did it in just over 4min

rusti wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago


Maybe it's the same guy that bought a final challenge entry and TWO sets of final challenge solutions on ebay Saturday! They really should have had better safe guards in place to prevent something like that from happening. I hope a legitimate finalist wins.

Meowmi wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

read someone who says he clocked in

at 3 minutes something. said he had 3 logins and practiced to get the times down. gah.

yeah, it would've been nice if the final actually challenged people's brains instead of their mouses. :-\

oh well, it was fun. thanks for all the help on this board, too!

Ickabod16 wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

Fastest I've heard.

I heard someone did it in 7 seconds, they reverse engineered the flash and programmed it to finish by typing "complete". I sure hope google had in place safeguards that told them when someone used programs to finish instead of doing by hand. I think Google could have done this final puzzle a lot better.

rg wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago


I do not think so.
They are into so much other stuff.
Lets hope the "project manager" knows his stuff.


Those that cheat, get pay back. It will be the IRS!

If it were with check and balances, the contest should have included tax computation? What's another ~ 50K, it's a write for them? and get more people to play.

I could have maybe won, but only through cheating, and I am not a cheater, I putt very thing out, evenon gImmies. Plus, I can't afford tje taxes!

rg wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago


I do not think so.
They are into so much other stuff.
Lets hope the "project manager" knows his stuff.


Those that cheat, get pay back. It will be the IRS!

If it were with check and balances, the contest should have included tax computation? What's another ~ 50K, it's a write for them? and get more people to play.

I could have maybe won, but only through cheating, and I am not a cheater, I putt very thing out, evenon gImmies. Plus, I can't afford tje taxes!

George3 wrote 11 years 21 weeks ago

Google will catch blatant cheaters

Since finishing in 7 seconds is humanly impossible and there's this clause in the rules:

"...Entries/Puzzles that are entered by other than human means or ... forged, ... tampered with, ...all such Entries/Puzzles will be disqualified."

I think they'll be able to screen out most, if not all, cheaters.
I hope they do release the time of the winner.
Would you agree anything under 3-4mins. seems fishy?

mountainlawrel wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

Eurostar Da Vinci Code Quest

Just finished the third and final stage of Eurostar. It is a cryptex deciphering puzzle which those who have played Eurostar will be familiar with. There are 10 letters of the alphabet this time. The thing to remember is: At the end of the puzzle, there is a message that says WHOEVER SOLVES THE PUZZLE IN THE LEAST NUMBER OF ATTEMPTS WINS. So, time is not as important although it will probably be used as a tie breaker. Good luck to all. I hope whoever wins does so fairly.

acrebabe wrote 11 years 21 weeks ago

Eurostar Quest

Hi finished euroquest final stage in 3mins 12 seconds don't expect that it is very fast but only submitted one attempt. Did anyone else realise that not all the letters of the alphabet were used. Good luck to everyone, less than 5000 people from the UK made it through to the final level so I am well chuffed to have been given the chance to complete after all the fuss with the google quest.

DickieH wrote 11 years 21 weeks ago

Eurostar Grand Prize Puzzle

After trying to work out the best way on the first attempt which completly fooled me it took about 99 attempts and 10 minutes. worked out a process and got it down to 15 attempts in around 1min 15 so quite happy but don't think I'll be in Paris somehow.
Certainly a better challenge than the Google effort and nice to find out I was in the last 5000 although do not know how many people from the UK entered. May have only been 5001......

acrebabe wrote 11 years 21 weeks ago

Eurostar Quest

Never say Never!!!!! fantastic result by the way

DickieH wrote 11 years 19 weeks ago

Eurostar Quest

Well I should be proud. Just got the following from Eurostar. Be interesting to know just how close.

A record-breaking 1.2 million people were drawn to the Eurostar Quest site to uncover the secrets of London and Paris. Of these, only the smartest 2 % had the skill and cunning required to make it through to complete all the puzzles. You are one of the elite players worldwide who managed to do this, so give yourself a pat on the back and be proud of the fact that you are one of the best code-crackers on the planet.

However, we are sorry to let you know that you narrowly missed out on being one of the Grand Finalists. There were other players who solved the final puzzle in fewer attempts or were that little bit faster, but we very much hope that you enjoyed taking part.

rusti wrote 11 years 21 weeks ago


When will they be announcing the winner of the google quest?
The winner was to be notified by phone on May 26th, three days ago!!
Will they post the winning time?

I finished the eurostar quest in eight attempts, but my time wasn't so good.

rosepetals wrote 11 years 19 weeks ago

I got a Eurostar Prize!!

they e-mailed me to tell me that I won the level 2 end of level challege! I knew my cryptex time was fast, I think it was 2 attempts in 3 minutes or something like that. Woohoo! A sony ericcson phone!

samuelstanislas wrote 8 years 19 weeks ago

I missed the quest but I

I missed the quest but I heard of it. A friend of mine was playing and asked me to help him. Thank god I found your solutions. They really helped.
Samuel Stanislas, part of the Traduceri Autorizate team.

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