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Deciphering the Da Vinci Code Movie Trailer

Codes, codes...everywhere there's codes! The first full-length trailer for the movie version of The Da Vinci Code was released on the 14th of December, 2005 (you can view it at the Sony website). In the credits sequence towards the end of the trailer, certain words and letters are quickly highlighted. Firstly, the word 'Seek' is highlighted in the phrase 'Seek the Truth'. Following that, the actor credits appear with the following letters standing out: T, H, S, E, C, D, E and O.

It's not the most cryptic anagram in the world: "Seek the codes." But what to do with it? These days, perhaps the easiest thing to do would There you'll find what appears to be a blog named 'Cryptophile' by someone called Lisa S., who is interested in Da Vinci and cryptography. Surely not a coincidence? I'd say not, considering that the page source shows that it runs tracking scripts from Further investigation of the domain registration information confirms that it's a marketing website for Sony Pictures (could Lisa S. be Lisa Sanders of Sony Pictures, who has experience in marketing? Alternatively, maybe Lisa S. is just an anagram of Silas - a character from The Da Vinci Code - guess we'll probably never know that one...).

Warning: Riddle spoilers below

On the Cryptophile website are a couple of riddles. The first is:

Mona Lisa
Thief Alias
True First Name

I'm guessing a little, but would this be referring to the 1911 heist of the Mona Lisa by Vincenzo Perugia? Vincenzo, an Italian immigrant who worked at the Louvre, simply walked out of the Louvre with the famous painting tucked under his smock. After two years, Vincenzo tried to sell the painting to an art dealer, using the alias Leonardo Vincenzo. But is the clue referring to the 'true first name' of the thief ('Vincenzo'), or is it pointing out that he took the first name of the stolen artwork's painter, 'Leonardo'?

The most recent entry on the site (as of December 14) has the following riddle:

Seek the site beneath the smile Stay on the shoulder Find the curator's command

The first smile that comes to mind, considering the topic, is the Mona Lisa's. On the Cryptophile page, there is a link to the movie site using an image of the Mona Lisa. Clicking where her smile should be takes you to the movie site.

Now things get tricky (especially if you're not from the me!). After much hunting around, here's what I found. Firstly, there's an obvious little discovery if you 'mouse-over' the smile section of the large Mona Lisa image on the movie site - "Seek the Truth", becomes "Seek the Codes". I'm actually inclined to think that this is supposed to link to the continuation of the puzzle, because I found the next part by trial and error.

Click on the link to "U.S" (following "Enter the Site") - yes, even're not from the U.S! This will load up a fairly large Flash animation, which when it plays is quite a nice segue of Da Vinci images with moody music behind it. Nothing too special overall though. But why the controls to the left of the animation, which allow you to pause and look at it frame by frame? Why not take a look and see what you can find, before going any further...

Okay, so did you look? Here's what I've found so far (in order):

* As the animation zooms toward the Mona Lisa, you will see "Find Robert Langdon" written on her left shoulder (I'm guessing this is the answer to the riddle above). See here.

* Next, in the hair of the painting of St John the Baptist, you can see an equation that works out to 1.618 etc, which is the golden ratio 'phi'. See here.

* As a follow-up, along the right side of "Vitruvian Man" is the fibonacci sequence. See here.

* A tricky one - in the "Virgin of the Rocks", there is a hard to see "P.S." (for Priory of Sion). See here.

* In the bottom of the garden in "The Annunciation", you'll find "Rose Line" written upside down. See here.

* In the following image, you'll find a fleur-de-lys in the hairline. See here.

* In 'The Last Supper', you'll see 'San Greal' written on the front of the table. See here.

The final image is again the Mona Lisa, but I can't see anything there.

Do all these insertions add up to something, or is it all just a trivial treasure hunt? Guess we'll find out in good time...

Update: Cryptophile web update January 11, 2006

A coded message is within the most recent update (Jan 11, 2006), a cipher based as capital letters, which says "Did you seek the dials". This seems to refer to the different versions of the cryptex image which appear on the movie trailer page of the DVC movie website. Each of the different sized movies has a different word revealed on the cryptex - grail, cross, blade and lisas. Whether these form an anagram, or are keywords to something else, I'm not sure yet.

Update: Da Vinci Code movie website update January 29, 2006

There have been more codes/puzzles added to the Da Vinci Code movie website, this time some very pretty Flash animation work. There is a short post announcing this fact on the Cryptophile website as well, which points out a few symbols which they found as a 'bait' to make you go look.

These symbols, and others, are the key to the puzzle. Basically, there is a section of the movie website which is 'locked off' until you find a number of symbols (six) within the original Flash animation (click on 'Da Vinci Gallery') which showcases many of DaVinci's art pieces. These symbols are quite easily found, as they glow a little - they are: a triangle (the 'blade') in the Mona Lisa, an ankh on the wrist of St John the Baptist, a Greek cross in Madonna of the Rocks, a Christian cross on the necklace in The Anunciation, a Fleur-de-Lys in the hair of the next image, an an upside down triangle (the 'chalice') in front of Jesus in The Last Supper.

Once all these symbols have been found and clicked on, the 'hidden part' of the site is unlocked, and these symbols are presented in a panel and can be clicked upon (more on this soon). Strangely enough, the Christian cross disappears from the panel at this stage, leaving only the other 5 symbols available.

The unlocked part of the site is the 'Characters' menu, which offers six of the lead characters in the book and movie (Silas, Robert Langdon, Leigh Teabing, Bezu Fache, Manuel Aringarosa and Sophie Neveu). Interestingly, each of these is associated with one of the symbols just found - Silas/Cross, Langdon/Blade, Teabing/Ankh, Fache/Fleur-de-Lys, Aringarosa/Greek Cross, Neveu/Chalice.

Viewing the 'bio' for each character brings up a short blurb, but with three of them there is a flash of three symbols as it loads. Langdon's "code" is Chalice-Greek Cross-Blade. Teabing's is Ankh-Ankh-Blade. Sophie's is Blade-Fleur de Lys-Chalice. Here's where it gets interesting. If you press on each of these sequentially (in groups of three), you are treated to a short burst of a scene which quickly disappears:

  • Langdon's code shows an Egyptian scene with L'Isa, labelled as Goddess of Fertility, and Amon, God of Masculinity. The words L'Isa and Amon quickly transpose at the end into 'Mona Lisa'.
  • Teabing's code shows a plan of the Church of St Sulpice in Paris (where Silas visits in the book, and in which the Rose Line apparently is marked). The plan is accompanied by the text "De L'Eglise de St Sulpice de Paris".
  • Sophie's code shows a slow scan of the Madonna of the Rocks/Virgin of the Rocks. It seems to transpose between the two versions, the latter being the one with the strange 'disembodied hand' pointing across the painting. In fact, this hand rotates into place as the scan moves upwards.

What to make of all this? At this point, I'm stuck. I thought perhaps that the three scenes pointed at another 3-symbol code - Egyptian scene = the Ankh, St Sulpice the Fluer-de-Lys, and Madonna of the Rocks the cross or chalice. However, it doesn't appear to be the case. Additionally, there is no way of using the Christian cross symbol, as it has disappeared.

This also interferes with another tactic I tried - in the first update above (January 11), I pointed out some code words found on dials. These seem to match up with the new symbols - Grail would equal chalice, cross would equal the Greek cross, blade = blade (obviously!), and Lisas transposes to Silas (who is associated with the Christian cross). However, this is 4 symbols. The last can't be used, because there is no cross, and abandoning it leaves the three symbols used by Langdon. So perhaps the last update was simply a pointer to this new challenge?

Any tips or further discoveries appreciated, so post away if you make a breakthrough (or just have some thoughts to share).


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spacesoldier wrote 11 years 44 weeks ago

I'm sure you've already found this, but...

I missed the PS - good catch. Next probable step I discovered, and I guess spoiler alerts should activate: leads to a fictitious website by 'symbologist Robert Langdon.' The barebones site contains a brief bit of biographical info, but more importantly, under 'current projects' there is a da Vinci prophecy - a 'recently discovered' coded parchment containing 24 characters. Mr. Langdon is allegedly very close to breaking the code.

spacesoldier wrote 11 years 44 weeks ago

...I've reached the end.

And can post it. 5 words: BE SURE TO DRINK OVALTINE.

Einherjar13 wrote 11 years 44 weeks ago

Last Mona Lisa Image

If you look carefully at the last image of the mona lisa there appears to a face in the sea to the left of her neck, just to the right of the top right part of the mountain in the lower left corner. Anyone else see it?

(sorry for double post)

Greg wrote 11 years 44 weeks ago


Hi Spacesoldier,

Isn't an old site used in the original Da Vinci Code Webquest (a few years old)? Looks pretty much the same as it did a couple of years ago...did you find anything new there?

Peace and Respect
You monkeys only think you're running things

maegical wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago code

Has anyone cracked the 24-symbol code on Perhaps it's in Italian or the symbols are to be read backwards or in a mirror? I'm stumped.

SeanW wrote 11 years 44 weeks ago

Finding Robert Langdon

The FRL clue leads to here:

which leads to an email addy. Emailing him gives a couple of sites with a request for a particular search. The search leads us to here:

On this site we receive a bank clue which is linked at the bottom:

The bank requires a user id and account number. The user of course is the woman from the auction. The account number is the number found on the Vitruvian Man on the trailer. Alternatively a hint tells us to seek the middle of chapter 44 of the book which has the same number. Entering it gives us a phone number.

212-782-9920 and a new web addy

Here there are 3 message boards we need to see. Each requires a login and password. The employees look like anagrams of some sort. I'm still trying to work them out lol The logins are the employee names (easy enough). Jonas's pwd is Venice. Not sure about the others.

One of the messages leads to another site. Here we must type in landgon's favourite symbol. (ankh). which leads us to:

The prophecy is "The Truth will be told in 2003" entering that gives us the # 212-782-9932 which is a congratulatory msg on solving the webquest by Dan Brown.


madre wrote 11 years 42 weeks ago


I found this while searching for other things:

Donno if it lead anywere, but it seems related...


curtian4 wrote 11 years 43 weeks ago

Great Find!

I've been searching around for a while on this, as have a few others. Finding no where to discuss the Davinci Code Movie riddles, we setup a Yahoo Group here:

Yes, the "codeseekers" name is lame!

Your post on the second riddle seems to be right on and very helpful. I wonder if the "Find Robert Langdon" will just refer to the novel's original web quest, or if the DC Movie will have its own adventure.

There's already a new post from "Lisa S," (which someone already noted is an anagram for "Silas") on which provides another riddle if you use your email. There are already some comments on it from the few of us on the Yahoo Group as well.

Again, thanks for the hint!

oereich wrote 11 years 41 weeks ago

The final image of the flash animation on sony

The final image is again the mona lisa. It is hard to see but if you right click and press zoom in, you will see in her left eye, the number 18 upsidedown. I am not a hundred percent sure it's 18 because when you zoom in the image gets blury. That's all.

rokstar wrote 11 years 40 weeks ago

Seek the dials...

I haven't yet figured out what it's leading to, but if you click on view trailer from within the movie site it takes you to a page where you can choose various sizes. Beside the sizes is a cryptex, on which is the word GRAIL. Clicking on each of the sizes reveals three other words: BLADE, CROSS, and LISAS.

betocorleone wrote 11 years 40 weeks ago

Seek the Dials...

Forgive my English i'm from Argentina, maybe the words GRAIL, BLADE, CROSS and LISAS are anagrams, LISAS turns to SILAS, i'm still working on the others.

BrownReader wrote 11 years 35 weeks ago

Cryptophyle website

Hi there, I've just stumbled upon all of this and I'm perplexed (to say the least). I was wondering about the numbers on the bottom of the cryptophyle website (060519) I thought they were in reference to the number of hits on the site, but they haven't changed. Also, any clues about the dials on the top of the site, the ones that spin when you first log on? Am I just reading too much into this?

BrownReader wrote 11 years 35 weeks ago

I wrote before I thought :)

I wrote too soon, after thinking about it for a second obviously 060519 is the movie release date. Still wondering about the spinning dials on the top.....

dc5rider wrote 11 years 35 weeks ago

The spinning dials at the

The spinning dials at the top refer to the number of days and hours left before the opening of the film. As of 2/22/06, the dials read 08506, which means there are 85 days and 6 hours before 5/19/06.

BrownReader wrote 11 years 34 weeks ago


Thanks, I have been going over and over on that one. Not real bright I suppose!
So what do you think? Is this some sort of a movie quest with a prize, as was the case with the web quests? I'm not sure, I do know that poor Dan is up to his eyeballs now with his court case, I feel bad for him, people can be such opportunists! Would they be suing if their book was the one that made all this money. I think they should be thanking their lucky stars for Dan Brown, how many people do you think rushed out after finishing DVC to buy "Holy Blood Holy Grail"? Puh-Leeze!

Neon Demon wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Cryptophyle website

Those number are the date the movie is released. 0601519 (May 19 2006)

In response to the previous post about the words GRAIL, SILAS,BLADE, etc. Thoise are the combinations that will open the Cryptexes that were mailed out to the 10,000 Da Vinci Code Quest finalists (I am one of them...yeeeeah for me)

Inside the Cryptex, it tells you where to go for the final 5 puzzles.

Ickabod16 wrote 11 years 31 weeks ago

New Codes

There are new codes on the DVC movie site. If you click on the characters, find the blacklight and click on it, afterwards you will see a page turned up in the righthand corner. This reveals new codes. There are also links in the pictures of the characters that reveal new movie sniplets.

tbeeton wrote 11 years 29 weeks ago

seek the dials

if you e-mail LisaS, you get a message back with certain letters capitalized, which spell SEEK THE DIALS. Do you think those dials refer to the Cryptexes that appear when you hit the correct symbol patterns? or is there something about the dials at the top of the seek the codes website?

annamartin wrote 11 years 29 weeks ago


okay - i'm wondering if anyone else saw this

when you open up the new section of the website and click on pictures - on the right of the screen there is light shining on one of the pictures on the wall, this picture (although its hard to tell) looks like a mirror image of the 7th picture down on the left which is of langdon and sophie rushing down the street - i looked at the picture and couldn't find anything - did anyone else??

Seven5Five7 wrote 11 years 28 weeks ago

Reverse Writing

Has anyone Noticed that on the back of the pages there seems to be writing backwards? It on the back of the pages you flip on the charater were you alos get the codes

MataHari wrote 11 years 28 weeks ago

Hidden message in Second Full Length Trailer

I just watched the second full-length trailer and found a bunch of stuff. First, there are three different sections of letters. On the frame that says "On May 19th" are the letters R, A, S, and C. On the frame that says "Unlock The Code" are the letters F, D, M, E, and E. On the frame that says "Tom Hanks" are the letters N, N, I, E, and I. I put those letters through an anagram generator and got "sacred feminine". Cool, that. But it gets better. At the end of the trailer are credits. On the first frame that starts with "Audrey Tautou" you see three letters that change into glyphs that represent Venus, Mars, and Saturn. On the second frame that starts with "Columbia Pictures" two letters change into glyphs that represent Jupiter and the Moon. On the third frame that starts with "Executive Producers" two letters change into glyphs that represent the Sun and Mercury. Whether these glyphs have anything to do with the brief shot of Tom Hanks (Robert Langdon) looking at a model of the solar system during the trailer, I have no idea. Or maybe one is supposed to anagram the first letters of the planets that were left out (Earth, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) but that doesn't produce anything. Pune? Nupe? Upen? I don't know.

Now, on to other discoveries that I don't know what to do with. On the home page for the DVC movie site, you see Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou superimposed on The Last Supper. If you put your cursor over certain sections of the image, a spotlight will appear from the top of the screen to illuminate hidden symbols and other objects.

1) Place cursor on Mary Magdalene and the ankh will glow. Click on it and you are brought to Teabing's character page.
2) Place cursor on the window over Mary's shoulder and a face will appear. Clicking on that face brings you directly to Silas' character page. (I guess this means that the omission of the cross on the on the symbol bar wasn't accidental since the cross is also missing from this page.)
3) Place cursor on Jesus and the greek cross will glow. Clicking on it brings you to Aringarosa's page.
4) Place cursor on Robert Langdon (Hanks) and the blade will glow (over his right eye. Significant? Who knows.) Clicking on it brings you right to Langdon's character page.
5) Place cursor to Langdon's right, above Sophie's (Tautou's) head, and a message glows. I can't tell what it says. It might be glyphs, it might be backwards writing, it might be a foreign language. I can't decipher it. Click on it and you are brought to the "News" page.
6) Place cursor on Sophie (Tautou) and the chalice will glow (over her left eye. Again, significant?) Click on it and you are brought to Sophie's character page.
7) Place cursor to the right of Sophie, over the head of an apostle, and a triangle will glow. It appears to be the same triangle that glows on Langdon's character page (which, when clicked, shows you a brief clip from the movie). Click on it and you are brought to the "Synopsis" page.
8) Underneath the triangle, put your cursor to the right of Sophie and the fleur-de-lis will glow. Click on it and you are brought to Fache's page.

Finally, if you peel up the corner of the page, you see a photo of the Grand Pyramide in front of the Louvre.

Peeling up the pages on some of the character pages will reveal backwards writing. (Yeah, I actually held a mirror up to the monitor. I am obsessive.) On the back of Langdon's character page, the message reads "Symbols are a language that can help us understand our past" when read in the mirror. On the back of Sophie's page, the message reads "Professor hurry" when read in the mirror. On the back of Teabing's page, the message reads "A word so powerful that if revealed would devastate mankind" when read in the mirror. On the back of Silas' page, the message reads "All four are dead" when read in the mirror.

That's all I've got for now.

If I may posit a stupid question: Where are you finding the dials? I also e-mailed the mysterious "Lisa S." and figured out the "seek the dials" message. I couldn't find any dials and put the phrase through Google, which brought me here. You mention dials by the trailer. Which trailer?? I've watched all the trailers on the site in every possible size and haven't seen one dial.

lestat2072 wrote 11 years 28 weeks ago

Seek the Dials

Hi there!
When you go to the apple/trailers website and you click on the first full trailer (no the one marked number one but the firts that came out) and you choose a size( small,medium,large) look at you left , there's a cryptex . For every size there is a different word on it. Grail (on the choose a size page), Blade(large format), Cross(medium format), and lisas (on the small format). The letters that appear on the 2nd full trailer spell Sacred Feminine. On the 2nd Set of letters there is a E that is hard to spot . It is beneath the word unlock. On the 3rd set of letters there is an I that is hard to spot . It is on the upper right side of the letter E. You can only see its shadow but it's there. About the signs that appear at the end , I got no idea what they are trying to say . But the planets that you see at the trailer in front of Tom Hanks (Langdon) , my guess is that , that's the time when Robert Langdon is trying to figure out the password that will open the second cryptex. "You seek the orb that ought to be on his tomb". The tomb of Sir Isaac Newton of course , to which leads to the word and password "APPLE".

MataHari wrote 11 years 28 weeks ago


...for the tip about where to find the dials. That was driving me batty. I've only been working on this for a couple of days so I'm months behind everybody else!

To oereich: How does one zoom in on that last image of Mona Lisa on the DVC Gallery? I'd like to see the number you found. I'm guessing it's in her left eye because DB mentioned in the book that the left side is associated with females and, by association, the sacred feminine. (Which is why I was curious as to whether the chalice appearing over Sophie's left eye was significant, or if it is just another sneaky reference to the sacred feminine) I've tried right-clicking over the image to bring up a menu but all I'm getting is some Flash blurb and no options. Is there a way to save the image so I can zoom in with my own programs?

BrownReader wrote 11 years 27 weeks ago

Can't get the google quest to load...

Hey there, I'm in Canada and thought I'd try the quest for fun, but when I click on the quest link from the google page (I have registered) it won't load on internet explorer. I get about 5 bars (I'm not sure what they're called, but the progress bars on the bottom of the screen when a page is loading), but it stops and won't load any further. Any ideas? I have high speed DSL so these things usually aren't a problem. Maybe it's just the traffic on the site...... I'm open to suggestions though. Thanks!

crystaln1 wrote 11 years 27 weeks ago


I only have a small laptop monitor, so couldnt make it out really well, but in the last Mona Lisa I am pretty sure there was a short word written to the right of her head. Also, I discovered that the site seems to periodically blacklight along the artwork bar at the bottom - if you click on it while it's lit you get a black light torch which you can run over the picture to reveal some more symbols and writing, but it disappears very quickly. I was playing with combinations of the symbols so there may be a code to make it appear - anyone?

Kahless wrote 11 years 26 weeks ago

After you find the 5 symbols

So after you find the five symbols from teh devinci gallery thing you can click on them. If you click all 5 from left to right quickly another movie will play.

MataHari wrote 11 years 26 weeks ago

Lisa S is at it again at Cryptophyle...

Lisa S updated today. Her (?) challenge today is to find the hidden symbol in the Robert Langdon video. If you're not playing the new Quest, this refers to the video on Google Video marked "Robert Langdon" and it's the same video you had to watch for the third Quest Challenge. I won't spoil what the hidden symbol is, but if you're really stumped, pausing the video at about :14 will illuminate you.

Fantomex wrote 11 years 26 weeks ago

new idea

ok so if you go on seek the codes .com and go on one of her symbol links it allows u 2 enter a word and itll search the related symbol

In the bottom of the garden in "The Annunciation", you'll find "Rose Line" written upside down
enter Rose line and it comes up with the chalice symbol
dont know if at allhelps but is a liink
keep up the good work

Triecky wrote 11 years 25 weeks ago


If you use the blacklight on the right of Teabing's character page, there is a number: "5 2-21-1-1-8-5" I'm not sure about the first 5 and 2, because they're behind the character description. Can anyone make sense out of it?

c1t1z3nx wrote 11 years 25 weeks ago

Silas Character Video

I just e-mailed Lisa S the symbol hidden in the Silas video and that her name was the anagram as hinted in her post and got back this message:

I am away from my desk right now. I will be back shortly and will be
able to read your message. In the meantime I have a message for you. I
have placed it below in two different coded formats. Enjoy



I haven't tried solving it yet. Will attempt to.

c1t1z3nx wrote 11 years 25 weeks ago

Spoiler Alert-solved Lisa's code from Silas video

The code Lisa e-mailed decrypted is:


I have no idea where to start with this clue.

BrownReader wrote 11 years 24 weeks ago

I know what you mean

What are we supposed to do with this? I have looked all over plus the movie website as well as Access Hollywood (just in case), I'm at a loss.
Any new input from anyone? Maybe I'm looking too hard, what's supposed to be in plain sight? Probably just something silly I suppose....

c1t1z3nx wrote 11 years 24 weeks ago

Possible Hiding Place

I noticed on the splash page of the Da Vinci Code movie site, there are several letters floating in the background. I started to write them down and noticed that some are backwards, some are forwards, making it hard to distinguish which are which (Os, Ts, etc.). I haven't been able to do much with it yet, maybe someone else will have better luck. (If it's even anything that warrants further investigation.)

scottac87 wrote 11 years 24 weeks ago

Dials in trailers

The rules for the Quest on Google state that the finalists will receive a cryptex and four screenshots. One of these screenshots will have the code to open the cryptex. Perhaps the screenshots come from the trailer. That could be an explanation for the four different messages written on the dials. wrote 11 years 24 weeks ago

Code Hypothesis

On seekthecodes, her example for the folded pages revealing the symbol codes is of Robert langdon's profile. Interestingly, the code in the picture is not on the websight. In fact, it's a four symbol code! Challice, cross, cross, blade. Ignoring the differences between the cross and the greek cross, this seems to be an echo of the four words revealed on the trailer page: grail, cross, blade, Lisas. (as already mentioned, lisas--> Silas who is associated with the christian cross)
I already tried entering in the four symbol code, and nothing happens. I believe it is the answer to a future riddle/code.

Neon Demon wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago


Yes, those are supposed to open the Cryptexes we recieved. Big deal, the answer was printed on the bottom of the box. I went through that whole site weeks ago trying to decipher what it all meant and they print the answer on the box. What a waste of time!

Neon Demon wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

new code?

As one of the 10,000 finalists of the Da Vinci Code Quest game, we were able to watch a short video introduced by Sir Ian McClellen. During the video, they introduced the actors, producers, the French minister for culture, etc. On each persons title, seemingly random letters were illuminated. Knowing how these guys work, these letters are far from random. However I cannot find anything of menaing when I run them through an anagram generator.
Here is what I copied this morning:

Does anyone have a clue?

bgates87 wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

new code?

You appear to have missed a few letters. I noticed the same thing and wrote down the letters. The letters I wrote down were:


which is a perfect anagram for...


I've figured out that much, but now I'm stuck.

Neon Demon wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Vitruvian Man

You know what? I got that very soon after I posted the question. Thanks for your help. The messages are in plain sight. I did miss a few leters and went back and reviewed video again. OK, so that refers to the Vitruvian man drawing in the Da Vinci gallery, and he has the Fibonacci sequence writen on his right side (right= male?)

I have collected a bunch of these hidden clues from the gallery, now the question to use them?

Men do None

bgates87 wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Vitruvian Man

Well, I'm not so sure the clue is referring to the Vitruvian Man in the Da Vinci Gallery. There are lots of other secret messages in the galery as well, (Find Robert Langdon, The Fibonacci Sequence, Rose Line, P.S., San Greal) and they all are seemingly meaningless. I think that "the vitruvian man" refers to Jack Sauniere's dead body. But then again I haven't found any clues in any of the movies that show his body, so maybe it is talking about the Vitruvian man in the Da Vinci Gallery. Like I said, this one has me stumped.

invisible dogma carries what hold.

Neon Demon wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Vitruvian Man

There is also the the 'Black Light" video of Jack Sauniere's dead body on the Beau Fache character page.

maegical wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

Anagram Help etc.

Congratulations on being one of the 10,000 finalists!! I, unfortunately, wasn't; but if you need help just post here - I'd love to help. If you need an excellent, quick anagrammer online go to .


maegical wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

The Da Vinci Gallery

I've found 5 of the 6 symbols on the paintings in the Da Vinci Gallery. Where is the blade located??

bgates87 wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago

The Da Vinci Gallery

The Blade symbol is on the paitning of the Mona Lisa at the beginning of the gallery tour. It is sitting along her hair on the right side.

maegical wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago


...for the location. I've found the codes behind the pages. Click on them in order and finding the 6 symbols in the Da Vinci Gallery and you get more clips.

On Langdon's page, click chalice-cross-blade
On Sophie's page, click ankh-cross-fleurdelis
On Teabing's page, click blade-cross-ankh and ankh-ankh-blade
On Aringarosa's page, click cross-blade-cross and blade-cross-ankh
On Fache's page, click chalice-ankh-fleurdelis
On Silas' page, click chalice-ankh-fleurdelis

rpmccord wrote 11 years 23 weeks ago


An old topic-- and obviously THSECDEO does stand for "the codes" but do you think there is any significance in the original ordering of these letters? THS is often used in Christian settings as a symbol for Christ and then of course DEO is God in Latin.. THS EC DEO? (does EC have any meaning in Latin? sorry..I am not a Latin scholar)

opulen wrote 11 years 22 weeks ago

meaning of 'ec'

Seems the 'ec' in that code actually is relevant after all. I found the actual meaning of a latin word spelled 'ecce' to be: Lo! Behold! See!....hope this helps.

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