Lost Symbol Paperback in UK

The paperback edition of The Lost Symbol is due out on July 22nd in the UK (a mass market paperback will be released in the United States in October). Dan Brown's British publisher says that interest in the paperback is extremely high:

Transworld says it has the biggest paperback subscription in its 60-year history for Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, out on 22nd July. The publisher also announced there will be more Brown to come for Christmas, with an illustrated version of the book and an enhanced e-book "in the pipeline" for November.

More than 750,000 copies of the new paperback have been subbed across the publisher's UK and international markets, with over 1,300 free-standing display units also shipped out. Publisher Bill Scott-Kerr said support from all retailers had been "stellar". He said: "Dan Brown started out here as a paperback phenomenon and The Lost Symbol is perfectly positioned to continue that momentum."

The Lost Symbol has done some pretty huge business in the UK, but doesn't seem to have had the media impact that The Da Vinci Code did. Not enough scandal and controversy no doubt - DB made those Freemasons far too nice...