Dan Brown Tops The Bible

In an ironic turn of events, Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol has topped The Bible as the most highlighted book of all time on Amazon's Kindle eReader:

Amazon has built a "Popular Highlights" section that showcases the book passages underlined by Kindle readers--a 21st Century twist on literary quotation. So far, that list has been dominated by The Shack by William P. Young, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, and The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.

Here is the most underlined passage from Brown's most higlighted title--underlined by 1,161 Kindle users: "Langdon came face-to-face with a bronze bust of Masonic luminary Albert Pike, along with the engraving of his most famous quote: WHAT WE HAVE DONE FOR OURSELVES ALONE DIES WITH US; WHAT WE HAVE DONE FOR OTHERS AND THE WORLD REMAINS AND IS IMMORTAL."

Does that make Albert Pike bigger than Jesus?