Symbol Quest Prizes

For those that participated in the Symbol Quest competition by phoning in to the coded phone number hidden on the cover of The Lost Symbol - prizes are apparently now being sent out. Here's a note from commenter 'Steve G':

I came home from work this evening and found a package from Doubleday waiting for me. In it was a signed copy of The Lost Symbol with a note saying, "Congratulations! You are 1 of 33 winners of Symbol Quest."

...For those who may be wondering, I sent the e-mail in to Random House on September 14 at +/- 8:20 pm EDT.

Congrats to Steve, great to see a reader got in early enough! Given that Steve phoned a few hours before The Lost Symbol was published, I hope the rest of you hopefuls got in super early. (If you're wondering how the phone number was solved before publication, view the comments to the Symbol Quest story - or wait a few days, when I'll finally have time to post a comprehensive look at the cover codes).


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Anonymous wrote 8 years 3 weeks ago

Book Signed

I sent my email on sept 14 at 3:55 , then I should get one too....yeah. Will keep you posted.

UDbmas wrote 8 years 3 weeks ago TOO

I found my package this morning. I sent my email at 8:30.

Anonymous wrote 8 years 3 weeks ago

Symbol Quest Winners

Congrats to the 2 winners so far. I should be on that list also. Keep the postings going.

Anonymous wrote 8 years 3 weeks ago


I did mine the evening of Sept 15. by that time there were probably thousands :(

Anonymous wrote 8 years 3 weeks ago


I did mine the evening of Sept 15. by that time there were probably thousands :(

Anonymous wrote 8 years 3 weeks ago

Symbol Quest

Wow... I was able to use the stuff here to deduce things and check my facts. I won one as well.

Anonymous wrote 8 years 2 weeks ago

Too bad the phone line wasn't ready on 9/9/09...

It was too bad the phone line (for the Symbol Quest competition) wasn't ready on 9/9/09 when I called after I had deduced the final few phone numbers from decoding the final front cover.
I knew that the first 6 numbers of the 10-digit telephone number was: (212)782-?5?5. I also knew that the final telephone number to call for this quest was NOT: 212-782-8565 (this was a known phone number of one of the associate publishers at Random House, Michael Mogg, who I had already talked with and he was clueless regarding the Lost Symbol webquest; this number had the last 4 numbers ending in ?-5-?-5 which I was looking for).

The direct phone line to Random House is: (212)782-9870 so I was pretty sure that the 7th digit of the phone number was probably 9. I had called the numbers ending in 9515, 9525, 9535, 9545, 9555, 9565, 9575, 9585, 9595. There was a Random House security employee who answered when I called 212-782-9555 at midnight and hung up so I thought this could be it; the rest were various others who didn't know what I was talking about. When I called 212-782-9515 on 9/9/09, I got a voicemail that told me just to leave a message!

Anyways, I finally called back again on 9/14/09 at 7:43 PST but I haven't received any book, but that's okay. The game was fun to play and I enjoyed reading everybody's comments on this blog. Congratulations to all the 33 people who won!


Anonymous wrote 8 years 2 weeks ago

I received my copy on Saturday, Oct 3.

Received my signed copy with the same message that Steve G wrote. Has Dan's signature in silver sharpie on the bottom of the second page inside the cover. I was SO excited to receive my copy, but must have been one of the last of the 33. I purchased the book at midnight on September 15th and had my email sent at 12:38am, once I had a chance to look over the cover in person. Good luck to everyone out there!

Anonymous wrote 8 years 2 weeks ago

free siged book

I got my singed copy just now. That figures, first one in, last one out. Yeah, finally.

Anonymous wrote 8 years 2 weeks ago

Received my signed book today after all!

I received my signed book today after all from Dan Brown! Cool! [I emailed Random House on 9/14/09 at 7:43 pm PST and had originally called that phone number line on 9/9/09 but the winning message wasn't ready yet].

Rickg from California

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