Lost Symbol Competition Winner

Last week I ran a quick, fun competition on predicting the plot of The Lost Symbol, before it was released. It was tough to pick a winner, but I've decided that the prediction of 'BMac' (email entry) was the best of the lot. One reason was his/her suggestion that 'ritual magic' would play a major part in the plot, but the jawdropper was BMac's feeling that "Dan Brown will discuss the pineal gland/third eye". Seriously Dan, you don't need to write in under pseudonyms if you want to take part in our competitions...

Congrats to BMac! That was fun - might do another one soon, so stay tuned. Any ideas for a good competition out there - perhaps some codes to solve?


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parma26 wrote 8 years 4 weeks ago

shiny codes

i need to see another copy to verify, but if you hold the jacket cover at an angle you'll notice some shiny symbols will appear.
at the top left corner of the cover above the D of Dan Brown there are some very small words/numbers.
am i reaching here or can anyone make them out?

UDbmas wrote 8 years 4 weeks ago

Congrats to BMac! I think I

Congrats to BMac! I think I will have my doc check my pineal gland when I have my physical this week. I think it may have a cataract! Well done!

Anonymous wrote 8 years 4 weeks ago

winner hands down.....Bmac

It would have been a no brainer to post a direct link to Bmacs post so we dont have to go on a web safari looking for it???

Anonymous wrote 8 years 4 weeks ago

Lets see the Winning Entry--is this a Secret Society too?

I dont think there was any rules that the entries would be squirreled away for your next book?

Anonymous wrote 8 years 4 weeks ago

Lets see the winning entry--then we can decide?

Greg--I dont remember the rules saying you could keep all the entries for your next book? Especially the winner?

Greg wrote 8 years 4 weeks ago

Winning Entry


Not sure what this talk of keeping the entries for my book (which book?) is about? To be clear: the competition was nothing to do with anything of the kind, it was just a bit of fun in the lead-up to the Lost Symbol release. If you have more detailed concerns, please let me know.

Anyhow, here's the full text of the winning entry (as mentioned in the post, an email entry, so there was no link to offer):

"Because of the original Solomon Key name I think the new book will have a story which talks about the key of Solomon magic book. The villains will be trying to use the sacred geometry of DC to create a giant magical working and Dan Brown will discuss the pineal gland/third eye and maybe even DMT and how Rick Strassman's research links it all up."

Kind regards,

Anonymous wrote 8 years 4 weeks ago

Pineal / melatonin / third eye

When activated by the sensing of bright light, the pineal gland stops production of melatonin, which is of pivotal importance to males. Melatonin suppresses production of luteinizing hormone, a hormone which triggers production of testosterone. So if you haven't seen the light, you might want to get at big daily dose!

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