Dan Brown's 33

Given the prominence of the number 33 in The Lost Symbol, I thought it was a nice touch for the book to end on Chapter 133 (excluding the Epilogue). I've also recently heard that the British and American versions have the same pagination - if that's the case, then I also appreciate the planning for the content that ended up on page 333...


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Anonymous wrote 8 years 5 weeks ago


And, of course it all starts at 8:33 pm

Greg wrote 8 years 5 weeks ago

Damn shame

Damn shame about that magic square adding up to 34...

[homer simpson voice]Stoopid magic square!![/homer]

Greg wrote 8 years 5 weeks ago



If you're wondering where your posts went - you spammed my Twitter account, so i really don't want the same thing happening here. I'll unblock your account in a week, if you still want to take part in discussions here under that account.

mike23 wrote 8 years 5 weeks ago

33 x 10 = 333

On page 333 of the US edition, the term "thirty-three" and/or "thirty-third" is used 10 times, which totals 333!

Better yet, we learn the real meaning of the 33rd degree!

edgetech wrote 8 years 5 weeks ago

33 * 10 = 333???

Hey... 33 x 10 = 330 not 333. But it does seem strange that 'thirty three, or thirty third" is mentioned as many times as it is on page 333.

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