Lost Symbol Creates Masonic Fear

I've been feeling plenty of tension in recent comments by Freemasons regarding the upcoming release of The Lost Symbol, and there's evidence of it again in this recent story on Beliefnet. The story does a good job of getting comment from Masonic officials and pundits including Richard Fletcher, Chris Hodapp, Mark Koltko-Rivera and Jay Kinney.

Personally, I think DB will be pretty kind to Freemasonry - I believe he's more likely to champion the Brotherhood overall (it has far more redeeming qualities than the Illuminati of Angels and Demons). If so, and Masonic societies play it right, there is a real opportunity for Freemasonry to win back some lost ground over the past couple of decades. And there are some Masons that definitely recognise this fact:

"This is a truly once-in-a-lifetime chance for this fraternity. Not to go trawling in shallow waters for new members, but to educate the public and make sure men know who we are, where we are, and what we offer them," Hodapp said in his blog. In Washington, officials at the landmark Temple of the Scottish Rite, which sits about a dozen blocks north of the White House, said are bracing themselves for expected bus loads of curious tourists in the weeks surrounding the book's release.

I'm hoping that The Lost Symbol will show Freemasonry as a guiding light to knowledge and good will to all humanity, with its influence on the Invisible College/Royal Society and the Founding of the United States just two pieces of the puzzle which Brown could elaborate on as evidence.