Today Show: Search for The Lost Symbol

As mentioned previously, this week the Today Show is giving clues to the content of The Lost Symbol - head to their 'Search for The Lost Symbol' page to view video from the show each day. Here's the summaries (** Spoilers follow, don't read on if you want to solve the puzzles yourself **):

** Please beware when searching for answers to the clues: a nasty group of individuals are hijacking search results to direct people to websites with malware, trying to infect people's computers. Take security measures! **

  • On Tuesday Today introduced the book, talking to the book's publishers and editors (sounds like my Guide to the Lost Symbol and David Shugarts Secrets of the Widow's Son put Brown's editor Jason Kaufman out a bit...).
  • On Wednesday morning (Clue #1) Matt Lauer visited one of the locations used in the book - a research facility devoted to dead animals, and apparently known under the nickname 'The Death Star', "one of the world's most advanced scientific research facilities". In the 'Wetpod', an area for marine animals, Lauer says one of the animals housed there is "involved in a pivotal moment in the book", a scene which will "haunt you for a long time to come"...the facility is a "big part of the book". The answer to where Matt was is the Smithsonian Institute's Museum Support Center in Maryland - view here for a map. (Solution was first posted on Twitter by master puzzle-solver @bgates87, links are courtesy of his research) **Note: Be careful not to be caught by this Malware attack being linked to 'Death Star' internet searches**
  • Thursday morning's clue (#2) found Matt walking through a tropical forest. In addition, three anagrams were offered on the Today website: "CHOROID HUES, PERVADING REALM, ANTIPODAL PAN TAT". Using an anagram solver we would suggest solutions of "Orchid House, Primeval Garden, Plant Adaptation" (there are other options, e.g. 'Primeval Danger', but these seem likely candidates given they are related and high-ranking test, put the answers in the Anagram solver and work in reverse to see how they are high-ranking). Doing a search of these topics, including "Washington" in the search, then suggests the U.S. Botanic Gardens, with its conservatory directly to the south-west of the Capitol building - and which has areas known as the 'Orchid House', the 'Garden Primeval', and also a 'Plant Adaptations' space. Looks like we have a winner. The plant Matt references is probably the "travelers palm". (Malware warning: Search results for "Traveler's Tree" are loaded with nasty websites trying to infect your computer with malware)
  • The next clue - which can be viewed early via Amazon (see the PDFs for download on their Lost Symbol page) - says "Houses the remains of this CONFEDERATE: CHOEPSLTGE". The capitalising of "CONFEDERATE" suggests this is a keyword, so using it in a keyed caesar the phrase CHOEPSLTGE deciphers to ALBERTPIKE. Albert Pike was a Confederate general who is very important to Scottish Rite Freemasonry - a topic sure to be covered in The Lost Symbol as its seal is on the front cover (see the articles "Codes on The Lost Symbol Cover" and "Dan Brown and the Ku Klux Klan for more information on these topics). Pike's remains are housed in the Scottish Rite 'House of the Temple' in Washington, D.C. - a perfect location for a Dan Brown story, and one which I predicted 5 years ago in my book!
  • Monday morning's clue is a no-brainer - the structure is obviously the George Washington Masonic Memorial. The object hidden behind the curtain (an anagram of 'Contact for Heaven') is the 'Arc [sic] of the Covenant'. Now if you check out the background image on my Lost Symbol Twitter page, or read the sample chapter from my Guide to TLS, you'll find that I've already considered them as likely plot devices in The Lost Symbol.

Further updates will be made as they become available.


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soleklaw wrote 8 years 6 weeks ago

i missed it!

i was stuck at work, but thanks for the breakdown.

Fans of The Lost Symbol

Anonymous wrote 8 years 6 weeks ago

Today Show 4th clue

Location 4: 40.750305, -73.993156 89 Palmetto Count the Hills of Rome

That is tomorrow's clue. The coordinates take you to Penn Station in Manhattan. The Palmetto is an Amtrak train running between New York and Savannah. 89 is the southbound service. Counting the hills of Rome brings you to 7; the seventh stop along the line is Washington DC.

So it looks as though the action begins in New York, or at any rate it includes New York.

Anonymous wrote 8 years 5 weeks ago

7 Hills Of Rom & More


The Today show mentions clue 4... it asks... "count the hills of Rome".

The legend of Rome has it that its site was important having seven sacred hills and its earliest temples chosen to be built in special positions in relation to the seven hills.
The Vatican city itself follows just like the Washington DC sacred layout design.
Take into account the Freemason first degree tracing board star chart and compare it to the layout of the Vatican...
Suddenly the seven hills are seen as they are in an earlier ancient civilizations... Stonehenge... the group of mounds next to Stonehenge have the same correlation.
The anagram solution has King Solomon's Ark of the Covenant... which ties with the Hebrew Solomon legend again.
There is an image of the Vatican city and its obelisks at and the star fortress are all replicating the exact star chart of the Freemason document and the Solomon Key cipher. It is one with the sacred seven stars near the legendary Blazing star! Sol Invictus Christmas eve in Rome ... it is the same star pattern midnight over Washington DC 15th Sept MIDNIGHT!

The book launch date has symbolic importance suggested by Dan Brown:
The 14th and 15th of September are forgotten early Christian sacred days called "The Feast of the Cross".

Another interesting clue to The Lost Symbol's book material is in the DaVinci movie, Ron Howard left a teaser at the end of the movie that was not in Dan's book. Langdon was handed a secret 'Diagramma Verita' manuscript that was hidden in the Vatican archives. It was the secret star charts of the controversial astronomer Galileo who probably would have known of the secret of the 'sacred position' of the Castel Sant Angelo fortress, designed in the shape of a 'star'. The astronomical aspect will make sense if you google Solomon Key parchment and see the ancient Hebrew puzzle. Secondly, if you read the online manuscript of the Testament of King Solomon (ref its entire content involves stars in the heavens with recognisable star names secretly encoded as 'Demons' Ref:

If you wish to know what the LOST SYMBOL and it's fictional ramifications for us in the 21st century is all about, watch
this brief movie:

or better, wait until 12:01 am PST and kindle the plot to your
Kindle or iPhoneKindle.

Anonymous wrote 7 years 41 weeks ago

question for you guys.

hey i got a question for you guys.
isnt it true that dan brown includes on the cover a clue as to what his next book is gonna be. if this is true, have u found anything yet that points to the story after the lost symbol?

thanks in advance

jennifercrbl wrote 7 years 41 weeks ago

7 Pointed Star

I found an up-side down, seven point star on the front cover of the book. There are a few things that come to mind; the 7 hills of Rome, Kabbalah and the Order of the Oriental Templars. This particular order is associated with Gnostic Catholic Church, ecclesiastical "arm" of this particular order. From what I read, out of the 9 degrees of this order, 6 are masonic. The illuminati are part of the governing body of this order. there is a circle inside the star and inside the circle, there appears to be a letter that resembles the letter "G". Am I on the right track?

jennifercrbl wrote 7 years 41 weeks ago

In Red

I just finished reading the websites about the lost symbol and found out that the large, red circle on the front cover, the red seal and the red backgound behind the Capitol building are now all part of the same clue. I was looking for something that was hidden and relized that all the clues, like the messages in the back cover, were in my favorite color-RED! when the wax seal and the red circle are paired, they form the star RA. when you add the red triangular background with the seal and the circle, they all togather form the Hebrew Key of Solomon. I have a feeling that Dan Browns next book will expound on the placement of the Washington mounument and the solomon key.

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