Symbol Quest Now Live now has a challenge live and ready to play, in which you must identify 33 symbols correctly (symbolic itself of the 33 degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry) in order to hear a short message from Dan Brown himself. You must get to all 33 with *no* errors, even though it seems to give you three strikes.

If you're stuck, or just a bit lazy, click on 'Read More' for my solutions, and to find out what Dan Brown says at the end:


Here are the solutions. You'll have to Google the symbols themselves if you don't know what I'm referring to with my answers. The numbers are the order I got the questions in, but they are random for each new challenger:

1. Sounds like a resident in the Garden of Eden: "Atom" (Adam)

2. Without End: "Infinity"

3. Hood ornament for Emil Jellinek's daughter: "Mercedes"

4. An age in the hair of broadway: "Aquarius"

5. Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter: "Ichthys" (Christian Fish symbol)

6. The fork of Zeus's Younger Brother: "Trident of Neptune"

7. Opposing yet unified. "Yin and Yang"

8. Proofreader's mark from Latin "delere": "Delete proofreading symbol" (squiggle with loop at top right)

9. Kafka, Poe, or Khepri Embodied: "Scarab" (Egyptian Dung beetle)

10. Robert Langdon's favorite symbol: "Ankh"

11. Who uses this symbol? "World Health Organization (WHO"

12. Greek Goddess of Triumph: "Nike"

13. Alpha's antithesis: "Omega"

14. Octothorpe: "Hash" or "number" symbol (#)

15. Zeus's games: "Olympics" (the rings)

16. Latin 'recipe' offered by doctors: "Rx symbol"

17. Quicksilver: "Mercury"

18. Anagram of 'Madras Pen': "Ampersand"

19. Venus's Hand Mirror: "Female/Venus symbol"

20. The Golden Ratio: "Phi" (circle with a line through it)

21. Centaur archer: "Sagittarius" (diagonal arrow with a line through it)

22. Meditative chant: "Aum"

23. French monarch's lily: "Fleur de lys"

24. Silence for Berlioz, Bizet and Bartok: "Crotchet rest" (musical symbol)

25. "Fourth rock" from the Sun: "Mars/male symbol"

26. Leo's chaste neighbour: "Virgo symbol"

27. Circle's circumference divided by its diameter: "pi"

28. Scribe of Sidereus Nuncius was first to see rings around it: "Saturn"

29. One-eyed man + two ravens: "Odin's shield" (circle with a cross)

30. Hieroglyph of seven body parts in one: "Eye of Horus"

31. Casanova, Mozart, Houdini had this in common: "Freemasonry" (Compass and square plus G)

32. The "S" in Mozart's "D.S": "Del Segno"


Two more of the clues that I've been told are in the Symbol Quest (thanks 'Sari Valon') are:

33. Demisemiquaver: "Musical note"

34. Bogart's falcon: "Maltese cross"

Once finished, Dan Brown announces that 33 signed copies of The Lost Symbol will be won by the first 33 people to solve the book cover cipher (which is apparently a phone number that you have to ring).


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just4747 wrote 8 years 6 weeks ago

phone number?!??! what is

phone number?!??! what is it?!

lapumarie wrote 8 years 6 weeks ago


For the record, this is the information I posted on various websites, including Publishers Weekly, on April 22, 2009, about the secret plot of The Lost Symbol. I know a lot more than this. But this is for a start.

"The rumors of a plot leak from Dan Brown’s newest book, The Lost Symbol, seem to be true. Doubleday Publishers confirm it. The new book will apparently center around George Washington and secret reason for the American reverses early in the Revolutionary War. Washington, a true and clandestine Tory, was secretly communicating Colonial war plans to the British via Benedict Arnold, Washington’s secret illegitimate son. At the end of his life, Washington’s conscience gets the better of him, and he write a confession that is buried with him in his tomb at Mount Vernon. A scholar discovers Washington’s confession and is murdered by the CIA, who fear that his find will destroy the patriotic mystique of America’s founding father and demoralize the country. The murdered scholar manages to contact Robert Langdon by phone just before his death, with the killer still in the room. The resulting chase takes Langdon across the Washington capital as the CIA and the FBI, having traced the call, close in. Langdon is contacted by a shadowy female representative of the Masons, a legitimate secret society of which Washington was once a member. Langdon discovers that the Masons based their foundation on a worship of King George III of England and his Queen, Charlotte Sophia, as Earth-bound divine figures with connections to the sacred feminine. The CIA and FBI, learning of the connection of the Masons to Washington and the truth of their country’s founding, target both them AND Langdon. Langdon and his new female sidekick must go head to head with the forces of the American government in a desperate gambit to get the truth out to the country by televsion broadcast."

For more information, see my blog:

Simon Cassidy wrote 8 years 6 weeks ago

Lapu Marie's treason

Unless Lapu Marie is Paul Maier he has plagiarized the book by Hank Hanegraaff and Paul L. Maier "The Da Vinci Code: Fact Or Fiction? : A Critique of the Novel by Dan Brown":
Either way, this makes his described knowledge of the plot, via editing extracts from the manuscript, of The Lost Symbol, a blatant lie, since his posts contain almost verbatim quotes from the above book.
E.g. compare his quote:
"reason for the American reverses early in the Revolutionary War. Washington, a true and clandestine Tory, was secretly communicating Colonial war plans to the British via Benedict Arnold, Washington’s secret illegitimate son"

and the passage from the above URL:

"reason for the American reverses early in the Revolutionary War was that Washington, a true but clandestine Tory, was secretly communicating Colonial war plans to the British via Benedict Arnold, Washington’s secret illegitimate son"

IDENTICAL except for three words ("was that" instead of a period, and "but" instead of "and")!

He cannot plausibly pretend that with the pseudonym, Lapu Marie (an anagram of Paul Maier), he was unaware of the above book that Maier co-wrote and published in 2004.

in reply to my accusation on SEPTEMBER 9, 2009 5:34 PM at his blog,
Lapu Marie then said...
You really have to ask Professor Maier about that. It looks he and Dan Brown have been working together on the plot.

SEPTEMBER 9, 2009 5:38 PM
As deetective I then said...
No, I dont need to ask Maier anything. You need to explain your quotes from his book, and your pretence that they come from a Dan Brown ms. Otherwise, no one is going to believe a word you
say, given your ill-chosen pseudonym.

Anonymous wrote 8 years 6 weeks ago

Interesting that lapu marie's

Interesting that lapu marie's blog is now empty. Copyright issue?

Anonymous wrote 8 years 5 weeks ago

Fourth rock from the sun

arrow above circle

Anonymous wrote 8 years 5 weeks ago

Incorrect Question

6. The fork of Zeus's Younger Brother: "Trident of Neptune"

Zeus was the youngest sibling in Greek Mythology. Hades was the oldest, followed by one of Zeuses Sisters, Posidon was the middle child, then another of Zeuses sisters.

The rest of the greek gods are the children of the 5 olymipians either with each other or with other creatures of the earth such as cyclopes or humans.

I'm just suprised that no one has caught this error yet.

Anonymous wrote 8 years 3 weeks ago

Incorect answer

Neptun is in the Roman Mythology the god of see and water..., is same like Poseidon at the greeks.

Anonymous wrote 7 years 20 weeks ago


...wish I had a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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