Solomon Key to Lost Symbol

A note: a few people have asked whether I'm bothered by the decision by Dan Brown and his publisher to change the title of his book to The Lost Symbol. In short, not at all. When I published my book, his publisher had announced the title of the book in the New York Times as The Solomon Key. My title was based on that announcement. If anything, the change of title indicates to me that my book, The Guide to Dan Brown's The Solomon Key, may well have been so close to the mark that they decided to change the title of Brown's book to The Lost Symbol.

Given the statements about Brown's research at the copyright trial in London, and recent Twitter updates referencing Freemasonry, Washington D.C. and Francis Bacon, every indication is that much of my research was spot on. For more information, browse the articles available here on the website, or pick yourself up a copy of The Guide from Amazon.


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kamarling wrote 8 years 17 weeks ago

Dr. Bob

Hi Greg,

I only recently got around to reading your book and I can now say that I enjoyed it very much. I had, long ago, read some of the works that you reference so I was glad to have my memory refreshed on some of the salient points.

After reading your guide, I was encouraged to do a little digging on the internet and found numerous links to books and web sites by Robert Hieronimus, his latest being described here:

I wondered whether you had read any of his work since completing your book and, if so, what are your opinions on his conclusions. He seems to have had good reviews from a wide range of authors including David Ovason and Graham Hancock.

I have not read his books but I get the impression that he is happy to explore the symbolism but will staunchly defend the motives of the founding fathers against claims of an "evil consipracy" involving the Freemasons and/or the Illuminati. Nevertheless, (and perhaps I am being naive) I didn't get the impression from your research nor from any of the books I had read proviously (Knight & Lomas, Baigent & Leigh, etc.) that the motives of the Rosicrucians or Freemason were ever "evil". And perhaps that is the point: Dr. Bob is correct in stating that there are a lot of conspiracy sites (many with a Christian fundamentalist agenda) that do try to depict the occult symbolism as the work of depraved Satanists. This site is an example of such:

Anyhoo, I'll look forward to your comments and further updates.

Best regards,

Greg wrote 8 years 16 weeks ago


Hi David,

I haven't read any of Bob's work, though apparently he has written on the topic before (which I think, after Brown's next book was announced, inspired him to release the book on Symbolism). I was actually supposed to be on his radio show after I released my book - sent a copy for them to check out etc, but then never heard from them again. Hope the book wasn't that bad...

Kind regards,
You monkeys only think you're running things

Inquirer wrote 8 years 7 weeks ago

Spoilers, perhaps...

Thank you Greg. I enjoy this web site, and I'm looking forward to reading your guide to the lost symbol. Additional resources I would like to share are the works of Wayne Herschel, found at, and, offering strong suggestions as to what the lost symbol is and what the subject matter of DB's novel may be. Very intriguing.

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