Lost Symbol Today

The publicity surge for The Lost Symbol continues, with NBC's Today Show becoming intimately involved in the final week before release on September 15:

In an exclusive weeklong series, TODAY is launching a countdown to the release of bestselling author Dan Brown’s new novel, “The Lost Symbol.”...“TODAY's Search for the Lost Symbol” begins Tuesday, September 8 and culminates with a rare sit-down interview with Brown and Matt Lauer on TODAY Tuesday, September 15, the day the book hits stores. The interview will be Brown’s first television interview for the book release.

In recent weeks, Lauer has been busy travelling to top-secret locations that play key roles in “The Lost Symbol.” Beginning Tuesday, September 8, TODAY will reveal exclusive clues to these locations, one clue a day through September 15. The book’s most important scenes take place in these locations, and viewers are encouraged to log onto TODAYshow.com each day to try to solve the mystery. TODAY will reveal the answers to all of the clues Wednesday, September 16, after the book’s release.

On top of the Twitter clues (solutions here), and the still-mysterious codes on the cover of The Lost Symbol, there's no shortage of mystery and cryptic hints coming from the Brown camp.