Lost Symbol Cover Art Revealed!

Dan Brown's publisher has just released the cover art for The Lost Symbol. Check 'em out:

The covers confirm that The Lost Symbol retains the main subjects first mentioned under the book name The Solomon Key - namely, Washington D.C. and Freemasonry. Also, the clues given via Dan Brown's Twitter account have been confirming more of the finer points, including the influence of Freemasonry on the founding of America, transmission of Rosicrucian ideas through the likes of Francis Bacon and the 'Invisible College', and so on. (For those seeking answers to the clues given on Twitter, I'm posting solutions via my @lostsymbol account)

All of which were written about in detail some 4 years ago by some guy cheeky enough to write a guide to an unpublished book. Ahem!

You can read about a few of these topics right now by checking out the 'Latest Articles' block on the right hand side of the page.


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Hornet Montana wrote 8 years 15 weeks ago


Ooh...I see something suggestive in the US cover, in the area of the 33rd degree seal.

Greg wrote 8 years 15 weeks ago

Funnily enough

Actually, I was about to post on that very topic. Wonder if you've seen what I did, or whether you've got something else entirely?

Will add the new post later today.

Kind regards,
You monkeys only think you're running things

Hornet Montana wrote 8 years 15 weeks ago


Now that you've posted, here's what I saw, via my post to Dan Brown's Facebook page 11 hours ago:
The following observation about the US cover raises a controversial possibility: the small dark smudge right above the red 33rd degree stamp - I zoomed in on the image on Amazon and observed vertical lines in it. When I realized that the long tear-like mark that rises from it to the top of the cover can pass for smoke, I realized that I was thinking how the fore-mentioned smudge looks like a smoking WTC tower. When seen in light of the fact that the parchment is ripped/folded so that a V is visible on the bottom (making the D.C. skyline visible), I'm reminded of the dollar folding controversy involving the WTC. Other bits: if you look elsewhere while zoomed in, "B1" is written in red above the central circle, "C2" in red on the left side of it, and "J5" on the right. Finally, these numbers are written within the circle on the lower left hand side in two lines: first are apparently 22 65 22 97 and 27, then next to that are 22 23 44 1 133 97 65 and 44.

bradj1995 wrote 8 years 6 weeks ago


I also noticed that in the original "Ordo Ab Chaos" symbol the triangle tip points down, whereas in the book, it points up.

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