Lost Symbol Cover Code Solutions

Before The Lost Symbol was released I wrote an article pointing out the codes on the front cover and spine, and a few of the possible solutions. I've been meaning to update it for a while, but the easiest way is probably just to provide a PDF file of the Appendix 1 from The Guide to The Lost Symbol, in which I give all the codes (so far recognised) and their solutions. So, here it is!

Remember you can buy the complete guide from Amazon US for just $9.95, or if you're on the other side of the pond, from Amazon UK for £7.99 (mad prices, I know). If you're really cheap, or on the cutting-edge of technology (or both), you can instead grab the Kindle version for just $5.99! Either way, I appreciate your interest!

Update 19th Dec, 2009: I've just posted a HTML version of the article as well.


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Anonymous wrote 7 years 45 weeks ago

Your Article Published in John Weber's Anthology

Greg, I just picked up "An Illustrated Guide to The Lost Symbol", which contains your article "Solving the Codes on the Cover of The Lost Symbol" and an anthology of other Lost Symbol articles.


Google has already placed on portion of the book on-line, however your article is not among the pages displayed.


-Charles Pope

Greg wrote 7 years 44 weeks ago


Thanks Charles. I contributed two articles to the book - I might have to pick up the Kindle version and take a look at it.

Anonymous wrote 7 years 44 weeks ago

Bringing Home Francis Bacon

Greg, both of your articles are there, including the one on decoding Kryptos. The table of contents is a little cryptic itself, which threw me off. It is a very nicely appointed book from an eclectic group of authors, living and dead, including Umberto Eco, Baigent & Leigh, Robert Graves, Manly P. Hall, and Sir Fancis Bacon! Pretty good company you're keeping I'd say.

Anonymous wrote 7 years 42 weeks ago


The local phone number part, It is "I1", which is on the back cover, beside the "Your mind is the key" grid.

I still don't get the 'pigpen' grid...Because the top- left ">" to me shall be T. But mine doesn't make any sense after I figured all letters out. :-/ So I guess that is it.

Thank you very much!

jennifercrbl wrote 7 years 41 weeks ago

Natal Chart

I found an article on the lost symbol about the trans neptunian plants and the symbols that are associated with these so called "planets" from what I read, there is a group of people who believe in these "planets". While trying to find info on these groups, I ran into a website, The Uranian Astrology Institute. I noticed a chart called the natal chart on the website and noticed that the symbols on the chart are the same as the symbols in the red ring on the cover of the book. Is there a possibility that the chart is mapping a specific time? Does anyone know anything about Natal Charts?

Anonymous wrote 7 years 41 weeks ago

5th code clues?

Since all the clues have been in the same red ink, the remaining "unused" symbols & clues should relate to the 5th code. When looking at the front cover rotated 90 deg (as to read the red numbers), the symbols inside the top red arc are repeated in the bottom arc (As above, So below). The sequence of symbols appear to repeat one time within a complete circle. By comparing the 2 visible arcs you can fill in the missing symbols of the sequence lost in the "torn" section and covered by title lettering. Someone else will need to decipher their meaning!

Anonymous wrote 7 years 38 weeks ago

pigpen grid

This is in response to comment #4 about not understanding the code. Simply hold the book sideways so that the top is in your right hand and bottom is in your left and the shapes will now spell something.

maegical wrote 7 years 30 weeks ago

Circumpunct symbols

I have determined most of the symbols inside the circumpunct. I believe they are repeated one set after another.

From the solid circle on:

jennifercrbl wrote 7 years 30 weeks ago

The lesser Keys of Solomn has

The lesser Keys of Solomn has something to do with the book on demonology. Does any body know anything about Ars Paulina? I know it has something to do with zodiac signs and their relationship to the time of day (the sun and moon).

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