Kryptos Creator on Dan Brown

Just in time for the announcement of The Lost Symbol, Wired Magazine has released a special issue devoted to puzzles. In amongst the articles there is one on the enigmatic Kryptos sculpture at CIA HQ in Langley, Virginia. The article talks to the creator of Kryptos, Jim Sanborn, and it appears Sanborn is not too happy about the link being made to Dan Brown's next novel:

Though Sanborn's usual practice is to stay in the background, every so often he feels obliged to comment. In 2005, he refuted author Dan Brown's claim that the "WW" in the plaintext of K3 could be inverted to "MM," implying Mary Magdalene. (Brown included pieces of Kryptos on the book jacket of The Da Vinci Code and has hinted that his next novel will draw on the CIA sculpture, a prospect that deeply annoys Sanborn.)

You can find more information about Kryptos at Elonka Dunin's website.