Brownian News Round-up #2

Again, apologies for not being able to post too much lately. Here's a selection of Dan Brown-related links that are worth checking out:

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ArionLove wrote 8 years 3 weeks ago
ArionLove wrote 8 years 2 weeks ago

The Lost Symbol Decoded

The Lost Symbol Decoded


Arion Love

October 3, 2009

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown has catapulted the subject of Apotheosis and Alchemy on to the world stage. Apotheosis is the Greek term for the transformation of a mortal human to that of an immortal god. Alchemy is the sacred science of transformation employed to achieve Apotheosis. This is the Great Secret of the Ages!

In 2003, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown created a worldwide phenomenon by becoming one of the largest selling books of all time. The follow up to The Da Vinci Code had the working title of "The Solomon Key" with a scheduled release in 2005. It was reported that the story would likely take place in Washington D.C. and revolve around the Freemason's. 

With the subject of alchemy likely to be covered in the book, I felt impelled to send Dan a copy of my article titled "Alchemy The Science of Enlightenment." I was fortunate to have studied with some of the brightest minds in the field like Master Mantak Chia, Dennis William Hauck, and Charles F. Lutes. I felt my article highlighted some of the deepest secrets of alchemy not found anywhere else.

With Dan's talent for writing and a worldwide audience, it was my hope that I might be able to share some ideas that Dan would find of value for his next work. In 2004 I made contact with Dan's webmaster and she told me she sent my article to Dan. I included a brief note communicating to Dan that he may find the enclosed information of interest for his research and that he was free to use it in his work. 

In 2003, investigative mythologist and dear friend William Henry produced a video presentation titled "A Nation Under God: Signs & Symbols of the U.S Founding Fathers" where he explores the esoteric background of America. The video was alternatively titled in 2005 "National Treasures: Signs & Symbols of the U.S Founding Fathers" to tie in with the movie National Treasure. The conclusion of the presentation focuses on the "The Apotheosis of Washington" painting on the inner dome of the United States Capitol building. 

Although I had seen the painting before, it was William who brought it into focus through his presentation. William highlighted the traditional aspects of the painting. I definitely felt there was a deeper level to the painting waiting to be explored and decoded. Looking through the lens of alchemical symbolism, I had an insight regarding the painting and the Capitol building which led to the following analysis.

"Esoterically, the symbolism can be seen as the embodied liberation of the human soul through the alchemical process. The seven images of the painting represent the seven transformations of alchemy reflected in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes. The unfoldment of the inner life energy also know as the kundalini is symbolized by Mercury holding the caduceus staff. Athena the spear shaker symbolizes the activation of the life energy. The liberty cap worn by America symbolizes the development and birth of the inner spirit body. The capitol dome symbolizes the cranium, and the statue Freedom on top of the dome symbolizes the ascension of the spirit body. Apotheosis, the elevation of one to God realization is a vision that can be seen the founding fathers held for America."

I shared this insight with William and he agreed with my view. I urged William to explore the idea further which led to his stunning video presentation "The American Rite" and the book "Freedom's Gate: The Lost Symbols In The U.S. Capitol" co-authored with Dr. Mark Gray. William has a tremendous gift for standing in front of an audience and communicating this information with rare insight and passion. 

After years of delay, The Lost Symbol was finally released on September 15, 2009. On its first day, the book sold one million copes worldwide making it the fastest selling adult novel in history. I was happy to see that the book contained a large portion of what I highlighted in my article by concept or term. Here's a list of what's in my article that I found in the book.

Apotheosis, Alchemy, Philosopher's Stone, Fontanel - Cranium Aperture, Sacrum - Sacred Bone, Elohim, Secret of the Ages, As Above So Below, Order Out of Chaos, Enlightenment, Illumination, Mystery Schools, Soma, Ajna Chakra, Statue of Freedom, Apotheosis of Washington Painting, Freemasons, Transmigration of the Soul, Pineal Gland, Mercury, Alchemical Phoenix, Gold, Hermes, Prophecy, Salt, Sulphur, Meditation, Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Pyramid, Archetype, U.S. Capitol Building, Washington Monument, Washington Cathedral, Vedas, Kaballah, Infinite, Ojas, Astrology, Transformation, Metamorphosis, The Mysteries, Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of all Ages, 2012 Calendar, Age of Enlightenment, Destiny, Myth, Consciousness, Rediscovery,Tao, Brahma, Sages, Polarity, Jewish Mysticism, Secret Code, Threshold of a New Age, Modern Physics, Guarded Wisdom, Secret Underground Vault - Bruton Vault, The Ancients, Numerous Levels of Myth Interpretation, Apocalypse, Lynn Mc Taggart, Spinal Column, Jacob's Ladder, Adept, Tarot, Shiva, Super Human, Inner Temple, Sacred Gift, Francis Bacon, New Atlantis, Custodians of Wisdom, Sacred Formula, Seal of Solomon, Star of David, Manna, Brain Secretion, Ambrosia, Dew, Nectar of the Gods, Zodiac, Seven Seals, Sumerian, Mount Sinai, Ascension, Elixir of Life, DNA, The Word, Mantra, Shaman,Veiled, Orthodox Religion, Intersecting Cross, Anti-Christ, Isaac Newton, Symbols, Athena, Great Seal of the United States, Sacred Treasure, Darkest Before The Dawn

Although I am not one for violent elements in a story, I did find the book to contain touches of brilliance where Dan expounded esoteric wisdom seamlessly and with eloquence. I was hoping Dan would have made a clear connection between Apotheosis and Alchemy. Also Dan did not explore the concept of the development and birth of the Spirit Body which is a key secret that I covered in my article. Perhaps Dan is saving this for his next book. The finale of The Lost Symbol bares a striking resemblance to what William Henry covered in his video presentation "The American Rite" in 2008. Possibly, Dan will someday discuss the sources that were instrumental in his work.

The Lost Symbol, thanks to the work of many has been rediscovered and decoded! It is the symbol of God. It is the symbol self-realization. It is the symbol of the transcendent that is reflected in the masterpiece "The Apotheosis of Washington." This is the shining symbol of spiritual liberation, aspiration, and destiny for all of humanity! This is the beginning of the alchemical revolution!

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Furnituremaker wrote 8 years 2 weeks ago

Backwards Recording

Sorry, I have been trying to figure out how to post a message on this board. This is the only way I could find to post, was in a reply. My appologies.

I just dialed the # 212 782 9515 and the message on the recording was backwards. I am a recording engineer, so immediately sprang into action and grabbed a microphone. I recorded the message and then played it back reversed. It was the same latin phrase that Mal'akh was chanting in the book. It was repeated 3 times. I guess because all of the signed books have been sent out, they had to change the message.

The message played forward read: "Verbum significatium, verbum omnificum, verbum perdo (I think)..." repeated 3 times.

Furnituremaker wrote 8 years 2 weeks ago

anagram of popes pantheon

Phone Taps Open

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