Dan Brown's Facelift

Just noticed that Dan Brown's website has had a *major* makeover. On the new site is a placeholder for an upcoming 'Symbol Quest' (probably, like the previous webquests, based on the codes on the cover of the book). Also on the new site is a PDF of the book cover for The Lost Symbol, which also shows the spine of the book - and more hidden codes. As such, I've updated my article on the codes hidden on The Lost Symbol book cover to include the latest discoveries.

One thing worth noting is that the very nicely-designed keyhole on the spine has an image of the Washington Monument embedded within it. More D.C. scene-setting, or an indication that the Washington Monument is going to be 'key' to the plot? The Solomon Key, as it were....?

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MasonicEducator wrote 8 years 10 weeks ago

Baited Breath

I must say that, as Freemasons, we're waiting with interest on the release of this book. Will it be exposure along the lines of "National Treasure", or more in the vein of "From Hell"? It will certainly be interesting to see the public response.

Many men have approached Masonry after seeing "National Treasure" or reading "The Da Vinci Code". This has had both desirable and undesirable consequences for our Craft, but this book certainly promises to put us back in the spotlight yet again. Frankly, I'm looking forward to the reaction, and have already pre-ordered the book!

BTW, nice work on this site! :-)
MasonicEducator, 32'

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