No Inside Word on The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown is keeping tight-lipped regarding the upcoming sequel to The Da Vinci Code - he hasn't even told director Ron Howard what the book is about:

“At the premiere in Rome, we were all surrounding Dan, refilling his wine glass, trying to get him to tell us what the book is all about,” Ron, who directed both the “Angels…” and “Da Vinci…” films, told us in a recent interview in New York. “But (a), Dan can hold his liquor and (b), he was not going to tell us a thing except that he believes it’s very cinematic and when the time comes, he is eager for us to look at it. He hopes it’s a movie. And yes, it’s another Langdon story. He has not told me anything more than he did when I began filming ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ He said then that it was set in Washington. I also know that he’s gone back and deepened the story. He reworked it several times.”

Tom Hanks tells a similar story about not being told any details (although one would think Howard - given his front and centre role in the film versions of Brown's books - would have been filled in somewhat as to the territory the next book will be heading for). To read Howard literally though, it sounds as if the Washington focus remains, just with more added to the mix.