Dan Brown Working on New Book

This week Dan Brown appeared on the Today show, chatting to Matt Lauer about the new illustrated edition of The Lost Symbol and various other topics. At one point Lauer asked him about his appearance at the Italian La Scala opera house, and wondered aloud if that would be in the next book. DB paused, and laughed awkwardly, before saying "Anybody that's seen La Scala knows it is an unbelievable piece of architecture, great amount of history." Very suggestive that this will play a part in the next Langdon novel.

Lauer then wondered whether the next book would take as long as The Lost Symbol did (5 years after DVC), to which DB replied "I have been informed...by my wife, that if this new novel takes as long as The Lost Symbol, my next media appearance will be on The Bachelor."

Here's the full interview:

Good to hear!


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Anonymous wrote 6 years 28 weeks ago

"Angels and Demons"

While I generally enjoyed the movie, I found the change in characters, Vitoria's father, missing from the movie adaptation, to be somewhat of a disappointment. I would have thought the inclusion of a family member ,murdered in such a high security locale, would have lent additional credence to the "drama" of said murder. But maybe that's just me.

Anonymous wrote 5 years 44 weeks ago

New Novel

Like DB's wife I hope it doesn't take five years to complete the new novel. I can understand him for taking time off to enjoy the fruits of his labors, i just hope it doesnt take too long. Georgia

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